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“I’m about to make the best decision of my life.” 

We’re pretty sure Days of Our Lives’ Freddie Smith (Sonny) won’t be one of those husbands who has a tough time remembering his wedding anniversary. After all, he and longtime girlfriend Alyssa Tabit ran off and tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony on New Year’s Eve. And although their loved ones couldn’t be in attendance thanks to the current health crisis, the couple captured every moment of their bliss on video, allowing friends, family and all of us to be part of their special day.


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After heading to the posh Four Seasons Resort in Orlando, Fla., the about-to-wed pair shared a final kiss before retreating to their separate rooms to prepare for the big event. As his bride had her hair and makeup done (with an assist from their adorable pooch, Benjamin), the groom sat in his “temporary man cave” to write his vows.

Tabit’s dad, Rick, sent an emotional video to the couple, which each separately watched while getting ready. “You’ve grown into a smart, accomplished, beautiful young woman full of drive, compassion, talent and an appreciation of life,” said Rick. “Your mother and I are very proud of you.”

Dad had a few words for his new son-in-law, too. “Freddie, it seems that you’ve been part of our family for just about forever now. I can remember back to the day when Alyssa first introduced us to this warm, charming, handsome young man. The two of you seemed like a perfect match, even back then.

“Celebrating this magnificent day from afar isn’t easy, but you know in your hearts that your family is with you every step of the way as you become husband and wife.”

Tears were flowing as the couple called their respective loved ones for a few final words of love and encouragement, and Alyssa received a very special card from her true love. “I have made many crazy decisions in my life — some good, some bad,” he wrote. “But in minutes, I’m about to make the best decision of my life: marrying you.”


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Shortly thereafter, the two stood before a shimmering fountain exchanging vows that were both heartfelt and humorous. “When we first met in 2010, we had a 14-month friend-zone experience,” Smith recalled. “And in those 14 months, I made up any excuse possible, any excuse, to spend time with you.

“But the magical night that we sat on the roof and we looked up at the clouds, we just knew in that moment. That night was a very romantic night. And we looked into each other’s eyes, and we didn’t have to say anything.”

Tears in his eyes and his voice catching, Smith concluded, “I can’t wait to see you as a wife and as a mother, and I vow to always make any excuse to spend time with you.”

When it came time for Tabit to speak from her heart, emotions nearly got the best of her as she described the man who “brings great joy to my life and makes me laugh the second I wake up.”

Her vow? To help her spouse love life. “To make every day an adventure and to always be by your side. To be your sunshine on the darkest days and your warmth on the coldest nights.”


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After sipping champagne and tasting the cake before sharing a quiet dance on a terrace overlooking the lake, the newlyweds thanked their many vlog followers for “attending” the event, which you can enjoy in its entirety below. “Thank you for being a part of our big day. It might be a bit untraditional, but in such uncertain times, the one thing we were certain of was our love for one another. So we’re just so grateful you guys are here with us.”

After joining  us in sending our congratulations to the couple via the comment section, enjoy the gallery below in which we look at other Days of Our Lives stars and their real-life spouses… a group into which Mr. and Mrs. Smith have now happily been inducted!