Victor enjoyed giving Brady bad news? (

These are the “DAYS” of my week from November 2-6:

The theme this week was obvious. “Partner swap!” Well, maybe I wouldn’t go that far but we did see some interesting drama with new couples, ex-couples and potential couples that I must touch base upon. My theme could be called ‘possibilities’, or ‘potential loves’.

Melanie fantasized about Philly and made out like mad with Nathan. We saw Nathan and Stephanie sharing a victory hug when Nathan saved a life. Again it occurred to me that they really are more alike and better suited than he and Melanie. Though, one could argue that Philly’s not good for anyone right now, and Nathan’s more interested in his job, so maybe Brady’s advice to Mel to stay alone has some merit! Mel’s friend Brady shared a moment with friend Nicole where Nicole actually wanted to help somebody other than herself when Brady needed it. Bricole fans wondered, “Is it their time, now?” Then, Nicole and EJ kissed. That was a surprise and I admit I really liked seeing it. It reminded me that at one time, before the lies, they were really hot together. This was when Nicole was strong, you know, before the writers crucified her character and made her the weak female. Sami and Rafe reunited, declared their love for one another again and had sex, and then Sami and EJ put their differences aside, Sami apologized for keeping Grace from him and he told her he couldn’t stay mad at her. This gave Ejami fans cause to celebrate a potential reunion between these two. Last, Arianna and EJ met and EJ seemed intrigued by her. Yeah, I’d say she’s his type, however I saw no chemistry so far. Still, this is exciting considering she’s not Sami or Nicole!

I have always wondered if we could get a Roman/Ari pairing, or perhaps if Justin and Hope will grow closer… so many possibilities and we’re still not 100% sure who will end up with whom, but it’s interesting to see the dynamics this week, between the players.

Why does the show always put Stephanie in that blue coat? Why is she wearing a coat like that when nobody else is wearing a heavy coat? Why do I care? Do you care? It’s just unusual!

Breaking it down:

Bo’s a cop, the Police Commissioner in fact but when an old flame shows up on his doorstep, he can’t turn her away. Is he a cop with the heart of gold or cop with the brains of mush? His confrontation with Hope about Carly, outside his house made me feel as though I was eavesdropping on an intimate moment by watching. I wanted to walk away and truly, for once, had no side. On one hand, Hope is right. He’s putting his family’s life in danger and he’s the police commish and harbouring a fugitive, which means he could go to jail. On the other hand, Hope’s living in a criminal’s mansion. This is the same mansion that Stephanie was abducted from a few months ago!

Carly’s story is horribly slow to come out and I don’t see any chemistry between her and Bo. Other than rehashing all week, we’ve learned she’s protecting somebody. Nicholas? Is this who Lawrence said she’d never find? And who was it who called in the tip about Carly being at Bo’s place? Was it Justin? Hope? Vivian? Another mystery! Maybe Carly’s scenes will be less stagnating in jail. Or better yet, when Vivian arrives in Salem!

Hope told Justin Ciara was angry with her for taking her away from her home and her father, so why not take her back home? Stubborn much? Well that idea is out the window now, anyway!

Safe fans deserved more respect:
I abhor Sami’s lack of self-esteem and self-respect, though sometimes she surprises me and shows confidence and dignity. Not in this case. Bear with me Safe fans… Sami and Rafe had broken up before he left, and she was thrilled he returned, because not only is she in love with him but she was worried about him. I get that, but I don’t get that she’s willing to jump into bed with him, with no explanation of where he has been or what he has been up to. I detest that she feels so proud of herself that she didn’t get the answers to those questions. As if it’s a good thing to be blind. A little self-preservation is in order. Perhaps if she knew the meaning of the word proactive, she’d have stopped things before they got that far. I found that pathetic and it ruined their reunion for me. To me, it disrespected their relationship and I’d rather have seen them make out but Sami pull away and wait until things were on a more steady ground before jumping in the sack. After all, this isn’t just a one night stand. For me, that’d be much more dramatic and romantic. Some of you will disagree because everyone’s idea of romance differs. My brain has to be involved to be romanced so if it were me, I’d demand answers before jumping into a possible disaster.