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Was it an innocent kiss or something more?

In the Days of Our Lives weekly preview for January 4 – 8, residents across Salem are dealing with the consequences of their New Year’s shenanigans.

After visiting Kristen in prison, Brady invited an equally lonely Chloe to ring in the New Year with him, and the two shared a quick kiss between old friends. Unfortunately, someone took a photo of it and published it, leaving Kristen fuming when she sees it in the paper. She confronts Brady upon his next visit, and we’re left wondering if he can talk his way out of this one.

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After meeting Charlie at Shawn and Belle’s Christmas Day wedding, Allie felt there was something strange yet familiar about him. With Tripp concerned about his missing mother, who Charlie is holding hostage, and John and Steve looking into the possibility of someone Tripp is related to raping Allie… The walls are closing in on Charlie. As Charlie and Claire get closer and more intimately connected, Ben worries Claire is in trouble and rushes to save her before something potentially terrible happens.

Gwen continued with her revenge scheme against Abigail, which involved further convincing Chad that Abigail and Jake were together. Chad is the last one to know what Abigail, Jennifer and others do, and that Kate is the one sleeping with Jake. Or she has been, as the DiMera thinks Kate wants to keep their relationship a secret because she’s ashamed of him, and their relationship might be as over as 2020. Once Gwen plied Chad with enough alcohol, the two of them hit the sheets. Look for Abigail to learn about the way they rang in the New Year together and fire Gwen!

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Of course, others are on to Gwen, namely Jack and Anna. Jack, along with Abigail, discovered numerous clippings about their family’s history in Gwen’s room, proving she was a liar when she claimed to know nothing about the Deveraux clan. Will this be the week her secrets are exposed?

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