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After revealing that she had tested positive for COVID, the actress faced criticism from some of her followers.

When Days of Our Lives’ Camila Banus took to Instagram on December 28 to share that she had been stricken with the virus that has turned 2020 into a [bleep]show like no other, she expected a response, sure, but not judgment. However, some fans questioned her decision to travel over the holidays.

She wasn’t having it.

In an Instastory that she labelled “for all the idiots talking negativity,” Gabi’s portrayer said, “Let me nip this in the bud really quick. I posted my life on Instagram because I wanted to post it. There will be no negative talk on my page, or you will be blocked.”

Simple, direct, to the point. Once Banus had that out of the way, she addressed “those of you who have said really nice things, supportive things, giving me ideas and recommendations.” To those folks, she said, “I love you, I support you, and I appreciate you.”


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For those of you just tuning in to our story already in progress, the actress was on her way back from a trip to Florida, during which she got engaged to boyfriend Marlon Aquino, when she noticed that she was “not feeling right.” A subsequent test for COVID revealed why.

Thus far, Banus’ symptoms have been mild, she said. She was hoarse and had had some congestion. She’d even managed to find an upside to her illness. “I can’t lie to you. I’m not really hating not being able to taste or smell, because I’m kinda eating a bunch of stuff I never really ate before.”

While you join us in wishing Banus a speedy and full recovery, perhaps you’ll enjoy reflecting on her wild and crazy run as Gabi in the photo gallery below.