Kristian Alfonso looks out of the corner of her eye on Days of Our Lives
Credit: T Arroyo/JPI

Interacting with fans online, the actress tweeted out a good deal of intel.

As she often does, Days of Our Lives vet Kristian Alfonso sat down with and chatted up her followers on Twitter on December 28. By the time she was done, she’d divulged almost enough information to qualify the conversation as an interview.

A Soap Return? Not So Fast…

When a fan asked when her first airdate on The Young and the Restless was, our spirits briefly were lifted; as you may recall, we’ve championed the idea of Alfonso relocating to Genoa City, among other soap towns.

Alas, in response, she LOL’d and said that she was sorry “to disappoint, but I don’t have any plans to join Young & Restless or General Hospital or The Bold and the Beautiful” — though, she hastened to add, they are “all amazing, well-done, creative shows.”

The Truth Is Out There

After another admirer expressed their sadness that Alfonso wasn’t returning to daytime, yet another poster issued a stern reminder that the actress “does have say-so over her personal and professional life. If you are a fan that truly follows her, you’d know that the writing and  lack of concern for the history of Hope is why she left. The fans deserve the truth, and she has given us that!”

Alfonso’s response with a smile (emoji): “Truth.”

Days Ahead

As love for Alfonso continued to bubble to the surface, she promised a fan hoping to see her on screen again soon that “you will — in February and March.” So perhaps the sheriff that she plays in the next installment of Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ Chronicle Mysteries will recur.

We don’t need to mention that the series of TV movies stars Alfonso’s former Days of Our Lives castmate, Alison Sweeney (Sami), right? Didn’t think so; just checking.

As for other projects, Alfonso didn’t come right out and say that she had more irons in the fire. However, she did answer a follower who inquired whether she had more than Chronicle Mysteries in the pipeline with a winky-face emoji. Right or wrong, we tend to always take that to mean, “Yes, but I can’t tell you about it just yet.”

So, are you bummed that Alfonso isn’t joining another soap? Weigh in in the comments below, then reflect on bygone Days with the below photo gallery of the leading lady’s legendary run as Hope.