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Bo and Hope’s daughter made her grand entrance on December 29, 2006.

Yeah, we know. That makes Days of Our Lives’ Ciara all of 14 years old. She’s neither the first nor will she be the last soap character who’ll never have to lie about her age, because who can say for sure what it actually is? (You may recall that a while back, we revealed how old some of her daytime peers are, too.)

Of course, oddities have been a through-line in the spitfire’s life, even prior to her birth.

Kidnapped Before She Was Even Born

Longtime Days of Our Lives fans will remember that when Hope got pregnant in 2006, the father-to-be was at first thought to be her lover, Patrick Lockhart, not her estranged true love, Bo. Despite this, Bo elected to reunite with his Fancy Face, a move that sent Patrick spiraling into madness.

How crazy did he get?

So crazy that he kidnapped an expectant Hope and held her captive in an abandoned warehouse. Luckily, just as she went into labor, the hero for whom she’d been holding out arrived on the scene and helped her deliver the daughter that he’d soon discover had been his all along.

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“First one who blinks is not the father.”

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Ciara Reborn… as a Murderess?

These days, of course, the hot topic isn’t Ciara’s birth but her (cough) death. Portrayer Victoria Konefal knows very well that the audience is, if you’ll pardon the pun, dying for her to return and reunite the newlywed with her “widower,” Ben. But, like any good headwriter, the actress wouldn’t want to make it too easy for the couple.

Make that at all easy!

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“I don’t know if it will fly, given that the fans are craving Ben and Ciara back together desperately,” she admits to “But what I think would be awesome is this: Let’s say Dr. Rolf found Ciara, right?”

Right. We’re with Konefal so far. “And he put a chip in her brain, and she comes back as a completely different person,” she continues. “What if he gave her Ben’s old mentality, and now she is the Necktie  Killer?”

Come again?

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“Did somebody call for a mad scientist?”

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The ‘Cin’ Reunion Scene She Envisions

So OK, that idea is a lot to process. And Konefal is probably right that the audience would revolt. Still, “I would love that,” she says. “Imagine if Ciara was just suddenly there, in Horton Square, in some badass red one-piece romper outfit with sunglasses, and Ben sees her and is like, ‘Ciara?’

“She turns around and says, ‘Who are you?’” the armchair scribe goes on. “You know, she has no idea who he is. And she becomes the new villain of Salem. I think that would be awesome.”

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“No, sorry. I don’t recognize the abs, either.”

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Why She Has Such a Killer Instinct

Whether such a shocking twist would satisfy viewers, it would definitely delight Konefal. The whole notion, she acknowledges, is “just my selfish act — your brain wanting to play the bad guy. I love doing that. It’s more interesting. And it gives us more room to play.”

She would hardly be the first Days of Our Lives cast member to tackle two very different roles. Remember that it was some time after Eileen Davidson started playing Kristen that she became a supervixen. Not too long ago, Stephen Nichols and Kristian Alfonso got to leave Steve and Hope’s halos in wardrobe to bring to life the dastardly “Stevano” and Princess Gina. And heaven knows no one can forget Deidre Hall’s turns as either a possessed Marlena or lookalike Hattie.

“And actors love playing the different characters,” Konefal points out. “The whole reason why we get into acting is to be able to explore the mentality of someone different from us. So I think ultimately I would love to come back as a villain.”

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What do you think, Days of Our Lives fans? Would you like to see what the actress could do if Ciara’s sinister side was unleashed? Hit the comments with your thoughts, and while you’re here, check out the below photo gallery that reviews daytime’s best and worst of 2020 in categories ranging from Outstanding Soap and Most Original Storyline to Biggest Waste of Talent and Most Lopsided Love Triangle.