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If you’ve been wondering how, exactly, the character has been paying the bills, you’re not alone.

OK, so it’s not a mystery on par with “Why is Days of Our Lives’ Gwen so determined to make trouble for Abigail’s family?” It’s still a big-ol’ question mark: WTH does Lucas do for a living?

Portrayer Bryan Dattilo has given the matter some serious thought and come up with an an answer that is anything but serious. “I think,” he says, “that he works right now as probably a maid for the DiMera mansion. He cleans all the rooms.

“He’s actually looking for a room still, I think, in the DiMera mansion,” he adds. “I don’t know.”

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“The good news is, the operation is over. The bad news is, I’m definitely not a surgeon.”

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Surely, now that Dattilo is back on contract at the NBC soap that’s been his home away from home since 1993, we’ll find out how he’s paying the rent. For instance, what is the business trip that he’s currently on? What is his, you know, business?

“Lucas used to be so involved corporately with the storylines with Titan and Countess Wilhemina and all those things,” the actor notes. “I was always making deals with guys from Asia and China, and I was always pulling things together, and everyone was like, ‘Oh, Lucas is so great.’”

But even then, it was unclear what the character was so great… at. “I don’t know what he does,” Dattilo admits. “I know it means I’m not going to be on if I go on business [trips], so I don’t like to [do that]. But if I could have business on the show, that’d be great.

“Maybe in the future,” he concludes, “if Lucas gets a chance to work with Philip, that’d be cool.”

So long as that business takes place within Salem’s city limits, thank you very much. Say, before you bop along to read another article, why not check out the below photo gallery, which reviews all of 2020’s biggest twists of plot on Days of Our Lives.