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Only days before her beau proposed, he got bad news about the ring.

Talk about an unexpected plot twist! Even as we were counting down the days to Camila Banus’ return as Days of Our Lives‘ Gabi, she was in Miami getting the surprise of her life from boyfriend Marlon Aquino. Jumping on Instagram live to share the news with the world, she excitedly shouted “I said yes!” while showing off her new engagement ring.

As family and friends cheered from the sidelines, Banus couldn’t contain her excitement. “Oh my God, you guys, I’m engaged!”

“It’s about time,” Aquino joked. “Everybody, they were telling me, ‘When are you going to propose?'”

But when the time came, he made sure to get it right. “He got down on one knee,” said Banus. “There were tears in his eyes, and he did it.”

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Better still, he did so at what she called “one of my favorite places, which is the Pérez Art Museum in Miami.”

In order to better show fans the ring, the beauty slipped it off her finger, only for her fiancé to warn, “Don’t lose it!” And as it turned out, he had good reason to keep an eye on the gold-and-diamond dazzler.

When looking for the perfect ring, nothing seemed quite right for his beloved. Presented with options that were considered popular and trendy, he would tell the salesmen, “We’re staying away from that. We’re doing something that hasn’t been done yet.” So instead, he went to a designer to have a ring crafted that was as unique as their love.

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But only two days before Aquino planned to pop the question, he got a bit of bad news: Following an incident which damaged the nearly-completed project, the designer had to start over from scratch. “He said, ‘I’m going to try and have it done for you'” in time, shared Banus’ hubby-to-be. “‘But give me your address, because I might have to ship it to you.'”

As you can see in the post below, however, all’s well that ends well. No word yet on the wedding date (or, for that matter, exactly when Gabi will pop back into Salem, although we hear from sources her return is “imminent”).


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