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Fans want justice for Allie, and we’re ready to give it to her!

It’s no surprise that many viewers are struggling with the current Days of Our Lives story in which Tripp insists he didn’t rape Allie despite evidence — including baby Henry — seeming to indicate otherwise. On the one hand, they’re not loving that a rape victim is being called a liar by some of Salem’s most prominent citizens, including Tripp’s dad, Steve. On the other, those who suspect Charlie eventually will be unmasked as the actual culprit don’t like the idea of losing a character they’ve really come to like, let alone his charming romance with Claire.

But what if Allie’s right and — hear us out — Tripp has been lying all along.

It’s difficult to imagine, because we’ve been trained to think of Tripp as a good guy. Dad Steve is one of the good guys, and by traditional soap-storytelling standards, when one of our heroes stands up for a person proclaiming their innocence, that’s the audience’s cue to do the same.

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Yet another tenet of soap-opera writing is that whenever two options are presented, take the most dramatic path possible. Were Tripp to be guilty, it would completely turn this story on its head. Suddenly, Steve would be hit the with realization that not only is his son not the person he believed him to be, the erstwhile Patch put his own marriage on the line to mount Tripp’s defense.

Steve and Kayla question Tripp on Days of Our Lives

The reveal would also rock Steve’s relationship with another person against whom he took his son’s side, best friend John. In fact, when combined with the fact that he wrongly believed Ava to be dead and allowed son Joey to be imprisoned, Steve could wind up having his entire worldview shaken.

It’s not as if Tripp being behind Allie’s assault would come entirely out of the blue. As has been pointed out repeatedly since first Allie made her accusation, the young man has a history of violence, including holding a scalpel to Kayla’s throat when he believed her to be responsible for his mom’s death. While one could argue he was motivated by pain and a thirst for revenge, that incident might also have been an early warning that something dark lurks inside the young man.

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Should the show go this route, it would be important that Tripp be punished. Already, it has been established that because the rape took place in London, the Salem police force have no jurisdiction. Worse, the authorities in London only last week informed the involved parties that they would not be pressing charges. Yes, the soap could do a “redemption” arc as opposed to seeing Tripp actually pay the price for his crimes, but that’s an overused trope which has resulted in soap towns being overrun with reformed criminals.

The real benefit to this particular story twist would be the vindication of Allie. In a medium aimed largely at women, it feels only right that this vibrant young character should have her name and reputation cleared. Allie has blamed herself for having gotten drunk the night in question, had her judgment questioned, been called a liar and written in such a way that the story has become less about what happened to her and more about Tripp fighting to clear her name. Having it turn out that she’s been accusing the wrong person is almost akin to adding insult to injury.

What do you think, Days of Our Lives viewers. Could you imagine a scenario in which Tripp turned out to be the guilty party? Share your thoughts in the comment section, then visit the gallery below to relive some of the most memorable moments in the 55-year history of this iconic soap.