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Several big reunions are happening in Salem.

In the Days of Our Lives weekly preview for December 7 – 11, Philip is mesmerized to see Chloe back in Salem. Last week the opera singer returned to town after Nicole asked her to help out at Basic Black.

After Ava saved her son Tripp from a gun-toting Allie, Trip was stunned to see his mother alive and well. Steve was just as shocked when he found his son reuniting with his mother, but Kayla isn’t going to be happy to see her nemesis in her home. Kayla lunges for her throat!

One person who will be glad to know Ava is back is Joey, who has been serving years in prison for her murder. Finally, he’s reunited with his parents, who inform him that he’s free and just in time for the holidays.

Elsewhere in Salem, Gwen and Jennifer take their frustration out on some poinsettias. What did those poor Christmas flowers do to them? Gwen has been secretly wreaking havoc on Abigail’s life and family, and we still aren’t any closer to learning why she has it out for Abby.

Sarah and Xander continue their pretend breakup to try and figure out what Philip is hiding. They have no idea he’s working with Ava to launder her money through Titan. Their plan may be a little too convincing though as Philip makes a move on Sarah. Meanwhile, Xander suspects the Titan intern Charlie is hiding something. After Philip busted him for spying for Xander, he turned the tables and now has Charlie spying on Xander for him.

After being caught in bed together by Gabi, Jake and Kate asked her not to tell Chad. She agreed, but it seems Jake can’t seem to keep the fact that he’s seeing someone a secret. Meanwhile, Abby opens up to Gwen, who she thinks is her friend, and has no idea she is the one drugging her.

Justin and Jack were perplexed to see Jennifer and Bonnie out together drinking and flirting with other men. They’re in for another shock as Bonnie tells them about the good time she and Jennifer had.

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