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At, we’re dog people. We’re cat people. We’re even opossum people. So we were all about pressing “paws” to enjoy an especially fuzzy post.

You’ve heard of backseat drivers, right? Well, it seems that Brandon Barash has one of the front-seat variety, a four-legged family member who on December 2 took over the actor’s Instagram just long enough to introduce himself.

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“Hullow werld. I’m Ruprecht,” wrote the doggedly determined pooch. “I lik car rydz (wen they end), sicks yeer oldes namd Harpur, uther dogs called Schmuli, and Steve Martin moveez.”

OK, so Ruprecht’s spelling and punctuation are the stuff of nightmares. But with a face as adorable as that, it hardly matters, does it?

And just when you might have thought that the post couldn’t possibly get any cuter, you notice two things: First, is Ruprecht’s expression a commentary on Barash’s driving? And second, who is that in the backseat but Harper, the Days of Our Lives star’s daughter with former wife Kirsten Storms (Maxie, General Hospital)? Best. Photobomb. Ever.

On screen, things are a mite hairier for Barash — and not in quite such an adorable way. No sooner had onetime bedmate Gabi caught his Jake in the sack with older woman Kate than the vixen made a U-turn and left Salem again. But you know she’ll be back. She just needs a hot minute to regroup and pour some Visine in her eyes after what she saw.

As headwriter Ron Carlivati recently told, “She clearly has complicated emotions where this guy is concerned.” When she blew back into town after skedaddling with her father and brother, she did so “not really giving much thought to what might have been going on in his life while she was in hiding with her family.”

Now fully aware of “what might have been going on in his life” — and between his sheets — she’ll no doubt return next with a scheme in mind. It may be a harebrained one, but it will be a scheme.

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