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“Think of this as a teaser,” says headwriter Ron Carlivati. 

Talk about a whirlwind visit! Having been aware for a while now that Camila Banus’ Gabi would be blowing back into Salem, Days of Our Lives fans were psyched. And sure enough, soon after making her grand entrance, the troublemaker was… well, making trouble. But after finding Jake canoodling with Kate, Gabi stormed off in a gorgeous huff and told Rafe that she was leaving town again.

Viewers assumed that the minx was just blowing off steam, but no… Gabi really did pack up and leave for Arizona, where daughter Arianna is living with dads Will and Sonny. And while it might seem odd that the notoriously feisty beauty didn’t even fight for the man for whom she claims to care so deeply, headwriter Ron Carlivati assures us that there’s much more to the story.

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“It was a very short visit,” he concedes, “because at the time, we didn’t know if Camila would be able to come back full-time. But with Rafe coming back now that their family was no longer in danger, it only made sense that Gabi would come home, too. She had unfinished business, especially with Jake.”

To call Gabi’s feelings for the mechanic “unfinished business” might be a bit of an understatement. In fact, it turns out that before finding him with Kate, Gabi had hoped that she could persuade Jake to move to Arizona with her. “She clearly has complicated emotions where this guy is concerned,” says Carlivati. “And she comes back not really giving much thought to what might have been going on in his life while she was in hiding with her family.”

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Instead of the reunion Gabi hoped for, she wound up having to not only see him in action, so to speak (“Excuse me for interrupting,” she cried, “but what the holy hell is going on here?”), but hear him admit that he was more than a little into his secret lover.

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Gabi is, however, leaving town with a crucial piece of information, having agreed to keep quiet — for now — about the tryst. “You wanna sleep with Chad’s enemy behind his back?” she quipped before parting. “Far be it from me to stop you.” Which means that upon returning, Gabi will be perfectly positioned to create havoc at the DiMera mansion.

And oh yes, she will be back. “This visit was sort of setting the table for her eventual return,” teases Carlivati. And while an exact date hasn’t yet been given for when that will be, we’re told fans won’t have to wait terribly long… and that they should be prepared for anything!

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“With Gabi, you literally never know what she’s going to do next,” says Banus, who has played the part since 2010. “That’s one of the things I love about her. She’s so many different things, all at the same time. She’s tough and smart, but she can also make foolish, impulsive decisions. She loves with all her heart but doesn’t always listen to what her head is telling her.”

Which is why, Banus adds, when it comes to Gabi, all you can do is “expect the unexpected.” Need proof? Look no further than the below gallery, in which we take a look at Gabi’s wild and crazy life. Then head to the comments to let us know if you think she and Jake still have a shot or she should seek love elsewhere.