days christmas returns
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI (3), Paul Skipper/JPI

All we can say is wow… we must have been very, very good this year.

Well, we’ll be damned. Er, make that darned — we wanna stay on Santa’s nice list, after all. But Days of Our Lives is apparently giving us just about all of the actors who were on our wish list this holiday season.

Sure, it doesn’t look like Kristian Alfonso will be returning as Hope. (She’s said repeatedly that she won’t ever again be making tracks to Salem.) And James Scott has not only closed the door on a comeback as EJ, he’s locked and barricaded it to boot. (We’ve even endeavored to recast his role.)

But we’re still psyched beyond all reason about the Who’s Who of Who We’ve Missed that we’ve learned is headed home for the holidays. Among the actors en route to their old stomping grounds is a leading lady who beautifully redefines the saying “Death becomes her,” a couple of vets who never met a pot that their alter egos could resist stirring, and one half of a supercouple.

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That is, at least one half of a supercouple. (No word yet on if he’ll be joined by the other half.)

To see the complete list of stars returning to Days of Our Lives — including a whole bunch of castmates who preceded them through the always-revolving door — all you have to do is click on the photo gallery below. Then hit the comments with the actor who isn’t coming back — at least not yet — that you most wish was.