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“Timing,” she says of her labor of love, “is absolutely everything.”

It’s a good thing Lisa Rinna isn’t one to be easily discouraged, because otherwise, she’d have given up on her dream project. “The universe kept telling me nope, nope, nope,” she sighs. “Or at least that’s what I thought it was saying. But really, the universe was telling me to wait for the right time and the right moment.”

As it happens, that moment is now. Because after struggling to find just the right partner to help bring her vision to life, Days of Our Lives‘ former Billie is finally launching a new line of beauty products. Before we tell you what the premiere product in that line is, answer one simple question: When you think of Rinna (or, for that matter, Billie), what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

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If you answered anything but “lips,” hang your head in shame. Because as the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills lightning rod, actress and entrepreneur proudly declares, “I’m a lip pioneer! I was the first one to enhance my lips back in the day… and I took a lot of flak for it.” So obviously, the first product being rolled out by Rinna Beauty is the Lip Icon Collection kit.

That’s right, kit. Because this ain’t your grandma’s lipstick. “I wanted to give you the three products I use as part of my daily routine,” Rinna explains. So while the lip liner, lip gloss and lipstick can be purchased separately, the kits are designed to make it easier to mix color schemes. “Every time you see me in public or in a photo, this is how I do it, using these three elements together.”

Those familiar with Rinna’s post-soap career know that the lady could sell ice to a penguin. “People get that I’m authentic and passionately in love with anything I sell. Consumers are savvy, and they can smell BS from a mile away.”

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Reflecting on her time at Days of Our Lives, the thing she remembers most is “that I worked non-stop for three years!” And while that didn’t leave time for much of a life outside the show, she proudly proclaims that it “was the greatest training ground for me as an actor that I’ve ever had.”

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“You’re not looking so great, Bo, but can we talk about my lips for a second? Because they’re totally going to steal this scene.”

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When Billie last visited Salem in 2018 — when, you’ll recall, she saved John’s life — Rinna noticed that the production pace had sped up significantly since last she’d appeared. “I had such a hard time memorizing my lines for that stint, because I had a lot of them. We packed a couple of shows in per day, and I had to hire someone to come over and run lines with me because I couldn’t remember them all.”

Yet despite the challenges, she’d happily return in the future. “I love the character of Billie Reed,” she reflects. “I probably always would return, if asked.”

Despite having done everything from host a chatfest (the much-missed Soap Talk) to releasing workout videos, there’s at least one item she really, really wants to check off her bucket list: “I would love to work with Ryan Murphy,” she says of the prolific creator of shows such as Pose, American Horror Story and Glee. “He’s someone I have wanted to work with for a very long time, and I am going to make that happen… even if I’m just an assistant serving him coffee on the set.”

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Of course, what she’d rather do is take on a truly challenging role. “I want to play a really crazy, [bleeped]-up character,” she laughs. “That’s my dream job!”

Would you like to see Rinna bring Billie back to Salem, perhaps to give mom Kate a little competition where Jake’s concerned? Visit the comments, then visit the gallery below in which we look at some of daytime’s loveliest leading ladies.