Sarah looks suspicious on Days of Our Lives
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Salem gears up for another wedding.

In the Days of Our Lives weekly preview for the week of November 16 – 20, Belle reveals to John and Marlena that she and Shawn are getting married. Last week Belle got down on one knee and proposed to Shawn, which was Jan’s worst nightmare. The former psycho teen has been fantasizing about Shawn and Belle breaking up, freeing Shawn to be with her.

Claire asks Charlie to be her date to the wedding, leading Shawn to question his intentions towards his daughter. Charlie is too good to be true, and we can’t help wonder what he’s hiding. Last week, Charlie tried to impress Claire with a romantic gesture of flowers, only to see her kissing her old flame Theo. Claire found herself caught up in the past, only to be shot down by Theo who was dating another woman. Claire realized their relationship was over, and Theo pushed her to give Charlie a shot. However, a dejected Charlie gave Claire the cold shoulder.

This week, Belle and Shawn’s wedding day arrives and John prepares to walk his daughter down the aisle. Given Salem’s track record with weddings gone wrong, we can’t help but wonder if Shawn and Belle will say, “I do.”

After the DNA results showed that Tripp was the father of Allie’s baby, Tripp maintained he never had sex with Allie. Steve stood by his son, and Melinda Trask revealed to Allie that prosecuting Tripp was out of her jurisdiction. She could however file a report with the London police. This week, Steve and Kayla remain at odds over Steve siding with Tripp. Kayla even goes so far as to call Tripp just like his mother. What neither of them realizes is Tripp’s mother Ava is very much alive and in Salem.

Xander told Victor that Philip was using Titan to launder money, but Philip smooth-talked his way out of the accusation with his father. Xander remained convinced that Philip was working with someone, and originally suspected Brady. Sarah offered to help him investigate, and felt Brady was in the clear. This week, Sarah trails Philip to a meeting with Ava. She does realize how dangerous Ava is, doesn’t she?

Lani remained concerned about what Eli was keeping from her and finally went straight to Brady to learn what her husband doesn’t want her to know. Look for a fuming Lani to confront Eli with damning evidence against him.

Last week Jack and Jennifer’s party came to a crashing halt when Abigail revealed Jack had slept with Kate while Jennifer was in a coma. Jack tearfully told Jennifer it was only one time, that he was drunk the night it happened, and he’d been so lonely. Jennifer slapped him, and now it’s Kate’s turn when Jennifer and Kate square off.

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