Victoria Konefal, Robert Scott WIlson days ben ciara jj
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

This may be the rare picture that says more than a thousand words.

Days of Our Lives may have thought that it was just Instagramming out a shiny new cast photo on November 11, but what the NBC soap was really doing was tipping its hand.

Included in the image — which took five swipes to see in its entirety, it was so huge — were potentially major spoilers about the futures of certain couples on the show. For instance, Matthew Ashford and Cady McClain are posed together with Emily O’Brien, suggesting that Gwen has only just begun to mess with Jack and Jennifer’s relationship.

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Wally Kurth has Judi Evans in his arms — a sure sign, wouldn’t you say, that Justin is going to continue to grow closer to poor Adrienne’s lookalike, Bonnie. Lauren Koslow has been positioned next to Josh Taylor, leading us to hope against hope that Kate and Roman might rekindle a flame that long ago was snuffed.

And as we move to the right of the image, things get extra interesting. There’s Victoria Konefal with Robert Scott Wilson, looking every inch the honeymooners that Ciara and Ben oughta be. Except that she’s “dead.” So what gives? Is this an accidental clue that the actress — who’s always maintained that she’d love to work with her Salem family again — is already reprising her role?

We’d write off that theory is mere wishful thinking and tell ourselves, “Oh, this shot was taken ages ago. They just couldn’t take her out of it.” Except that it clearly wasn’t taken ages ago — it had to have been taken only recently, as it includes Tamara Braun, who hasn’t even begun airing again as Ava yet. (Speaking of “deceased” characters… )

But wait, there’s more. To Konefal and Wilson’s right are Jay Kenneth Johnson and Nadia Bjorlin looking so lovey-dovey as Philip and Chloe, he practically has a thought bubble over his head that reads, “Belle who?” And next to them are Arianne Zucker and Galen Gering posed as Nicole and Rafe in the same couple-y fashion as Suzanne Rogers and John Aniston as Maggie and Victor. Should we be picturing a thought bubble over Nicole’s head, too — one reading, “Eric who?”

What do you think, Days of Our Lives fans? Are we reading too much into the photo? Or do you believe that “Cin” will soon be reunited, and “Ricole” will soon be fighting an attraction to one another? Hit the comments with your hopes and theories, and be sure to check out the massive photo gallery below, which walks you down memory lane over the course of 55 years of Salem history.