and other reporters participated in a conference call today with Crystal Chappell and Peter Reckell, (Carly and Bo), regarding their two characters.

Q Do each soaps give a different feel and how does it feel to be back on DOOL?

Environment is always different but the process is the same, with the exception of Guiding Light, during the last year. “I’m having the best time I’ve had in years.”

Q Soap audiences are changing. Is the future of soaps on the net?

“I think Daytime will adapt but will have to change to the viewership. I don’t want to see it go away because I find comfort in it. With the internet, it’s immediate.”

Q Talk about Carly and Bo, and her first reaction to Bo 19 years ago.

“Peter’s just a kind guy, so it was very easy to work with him and we’ve a nice, easy energy with each other. We learn to trust each other. Bo’s a classic hero, the guy you want around as a friend and romantic partner. He’s that perfect guy.”

About Carly… “She killed someone, but that’s not who she is. He basically held her captive so that was the only way for her to get out. Bo and Justin were the two people she thought of (for help).

About playing Carly these days…” I love that she’s come back and she’s not perfect. She’s great at being a doctor and a total loser when it comes to relationships. I appreciate that about her!”

Peter arrives…

Q Easy to get back into character?

Peter… “Tell the truth!”

Crystal…”I had to get my legs for a bit but everyone’s been great.” For Peter, having Crystal back as Carly… “There’s two levels. Bo and Hope have been together too long and the writers have had difficulty making it interesting so bringing Carly back makes it much more interesting.” Neither woman was on DOOL at the same time in the past. “Working with two amazing actresses makes my life fun!”

Q Are you worried about becoming the most hated woman?

First of all, who could hate me? (laughs) I spent ten years on Guiding Light never getting the part. I played a nasty character on there. I’d rather be the one who loses, the one who stirs the pot. They know that ultimately Bo and Hope will be together but this just gives it story.

Peter…”It’s the circumstances more than the characters.”

Crystal… “Bo and Hope are fighting their way through something anyway so it’s just the timing of it.”

Q Will they play ramifications of Carly being buried alive? Why do people want to harm her?

Crystal… “We do talk about the buried alive thing and the Vivian and Carly storyline is so delicious.”

Q Do your current fans remember Carly? Fan response…

Peter… “The news came out when I went to New York on a publicity tour for the Emmys. Almost everybody I spoke to was really excited about Crystal coming back to the show because it’d bring some interest back to the show. (About Viv’s return) Lots of fun.”

Q Who is the one person who has the most influence over your character?

Peter… “My daughter because I want the best for her.”

Crystal…”I’m not quite sure yet. She’s been isolated for a long time.”

Q Who would Bo turn to for advice?

“Nobody. I’m helping Carly so… today we’re doing scenes where I feel good because I can help her but am frustrated because I usually go to Hope but we can’t talk anymore. So right now I’m up in the air, in limbo. I’m kind of leaning towards Carly right now.”

Q Could Carly and Hope become friends?

Both… “Sure.”

Peter… “They’re both powerful women.”

Carly… “There’s no evil interloper. It’s just the circumstances of their lives.”