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On soaps, there are some lines you just don’t cross.

Soaps exist in a world where good always (supposedly) triumphs over evil… even in a town as overrun with baddies as Days of Our Lives‘ Salem. When Marlena was possessed by the devil, we knew John would manage to save his true love’s soul. And when Vivian buried Carly alive, we were able to fully enjoy the twisted tale because deep down, we knew the heroine ultimately would rise from her premature grave.

That said, soaps also exist in a world where the actions taken by villains need to have some consequence if the stories are to have any weight at all. Crimes must be punished, deaths avenged and darkness driven back by the light. All of which brings us to the current plot in which Clyde, Rolf and Orpheus are creating chaos for the (literally) good people of Salem. Madness and kidnappings and gunplay have ensued, but all this drama will be for naught if when a new day dawns, someone important hasn’t walked into the proverbial light.

Certainly, Days of Our Lives has raised the stakes to an insane level only to reveal that it was bluffing in the past. It will be a very long time before we forget the story in which a murderer claimed the lives of everyone from Roman Brady to Alice Horton… and all of the victims were later revealed to be alive and well and living in tropical versions of their Salem homesteads. Months of jaw-dropping twists led to the biggest anti-payoff in daytime history, leaving viewers confused, frustrated and more than a little angry.

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While today’s episode ended with Kate putting a bullet into Clyde, he’s actually not the person we think the show needs to do away with. Rather, that would be Orpheus. Why? Because this time, he took things too far — even for a Days of Our Lives masterclass-level villain who once tried to burn Marlena and Kayla alive. What could possibly top that when it comes to sinking to new lows? Threatening to kill a baby.

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The last time Orpheus and a few of his prison buddies took a road trip to Salem, his scheme involved holding Steve’s son, Joey, hostage and threatening to off the teen if his demands weren’t met. In an unexpected twist, the erstwhile Milo Harp actually bonded with his captive, even apologizing when the young man was roughed up by Xander (who wasn’t nearly the softie then that he is today).

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Perhaps in order to avoid making the same mistake again, Orpheus this time targeted a child too young to engage in bonding conversations: Allie’s newborn, Henry. And in doing so, the villain might just have written his own obituary. After all, there’s really no way to bring a character back from the brink once they’ve declared a swaddled infant “expendable.”

Fellow escapee Clyde earned himself a place on Santa’s infamous “naughty list” (and a bullet in the chest) by being the one to actually kidnap the tot, but he was more interested in using Henry to put a smile on Ben’s face — which is sweet, in a twisted kinda way — than seeing harm come to the child. As for Rolf and his latest attempt to resurrect the object of his obsession (aka Stefano), his plot comes off as almost the comic-relief element to the prison-break story.

Although Orpheus ultimately was overcome by John and Marlena — with an assist from Evan, who then made a break for it — it doesn’t really seem like enough of a punishment that he simply be sent back to the same prison he’s twice managed to escape. So we can’t help hoping that somewhere between that room in which he’s currently tied up and the prison unable to hold him, someone manages to bring his latest reign of terror to the kind of end that will guarantee there’s not another.

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What do you think, Days of Our Lives fans? Did Orpheus make the ultimate mistake in threatening to do away with sweet little Henry, and will he wind up paying with his life? Share your thoughts in the comments, then visit the gallery below in which we take a stab at recasting the part of EJ DiMera!