Ben holds a gun in hotel room on Days of Our Lives
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

Orpheus’ son is offered his freedom.

In the Days of Our Lives extended spoiler video for the week of 26 – 30, Clyde disguises himself as a utility worker to kidnap Henry from Nicole’s apartment. Kate fires a gun at someone. And Rolf tells Kayla of his plan to have her carry a clone of Stefano. Then, Marlena offers Evan a chance to go free, but he refuses. In fact, he tells her, “Absolutely not!” Doug, Julie and others come together to mourn Ciara. Doug doesn’t know how they will get through this day, and Jennifer reveals Hope won’t be attending the funeral. Jennifer tells her family that Hope left her a letter. Ben continues to hold out hope and vows he won’t stop until he finds Ciara. Ben, armed with a gun, jumps Eli at the Salem PD lockup and demands he release Vincent into his custody.

In a recap of what happened last week, after Orpheus staged a blackout across Salem; he, Dr. Rolf and Clyde Weston escaped prison. Orpheus went to Marlena and forced her to help him and threatened her family if she didn’t. Rolf went to the mansion and demanded Chad give him the microchip containing Stefano’s memories and life and was crushed when he was told Chad and Tony destroyed it. Clyde meanwhile contacted his son and tried to sway him to go on the run with him, but Ben was focused on killing Vincent to avenge Ciara’s death.

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Video: Days of Our Lives/YouTube