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Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI (2)

We need this movie on our screens, pronto.

Things sure do move quickly around here. Last week, Kristian Alfonso’s final episode as Days of Our Lives‘ Hope aired, leaving us all feeling a little bit empty inside. A few days later, we perked up when the much-loved star shared the news that she was already busily working on a new project, which happened to be the next installment of Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ Chronicle Mysteries series. Given that this particular series happens to star Alison Sweeney (Sami), we promised ourselves we would try and patiently await further details.

Turns out, patience isn’t one of those virtues we possess. Thankfully, however, Sweeney soon followed up on Alfonso’s Instagram post with one of her own… and it was exactly what we’d been hoping for: a photo of the former co-stars, reunited!

“Welcome to the Hallmark movie family!” said an excited Sweeney as the two — wearing the protective gear that is 2020’s go-to fashion accessory on movie and TV sets — hugged and smiled on location. (Given that past entries in the ongoing series have filmed in Vancouver, we’re willing to bet that’s where this particular reunion took place.)

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For those unfamiliar with the Chronicle Mysteries, they follow the adventures of true-crime podcaster Alex McPherson (played by Sweeney) who returned to her hometown of Harrington, Penn., to find out what happened to a childhood friend who vanished decades earlier, then opted to stick around to work for the local paper and continue throwing sparks with its editor-in-chief, Benjamin Ayers’ Drew.

Sweeney not only stars in the movies but co-created the series after getting hooked on true-crime podcasts herself. In developing the original movie, Sweeney told Newsweek that they did not want to “push the boundary of gruesomeness.” Instead, everyone involved set out to “keep it super down the middle, in terms of representing the Hallmark brand and the family brand [while also] upping the intensity a little bit.”

So far, few details are available about the currently-in-production fifth entry in the series. One thing which gives us hope (pun intended) that Alfonso might become a Chronicle regular? She’ll be playing Sheriff Williams — perhaps a nod to the maiden name of her Days of Our Lives alter ego? — in a town with a high mortality rate.

Meanwhile, Sweeney is set to bring Sami back to Salem before the end of the year, and she’ll reportedly be sticking around for most of 2021. Because Alfonso has made it fairly clear that she has no intention of doing the same, we’ll have to settle — at least for now — for perusing the below gallery highlighting the life and times of her iconic Days of Our Lives character.