Kyle Lowder "Days of our Lives" rex jj
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

If you thought walls that bled were scary… man!

While some of you are looking forward to the season when everything is pumpkin-spice-flavored and you can’t turn on the radio without hearing a Christmas carol, others of us, the thrill-seekers who savor photo albums like our collection of images from soap stars’ scariest movies, are still counting down to Halloween. Among us this year is Kyle Lowder, the Days of Our Lives two-timer (in that he played both Brady and, years later, Rex). He’s just announced that his chiller, The Amityville Harvest, is now available for goosebump-inducing streaming.

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“There is definitely something weird here,” we’re told in a trailer for the movie, “and we’re going to find it.” Umm… could that “something weird” be Lowder’s Vincent Miller, who opens his home to a film crew in order to document his family’s involvement in the Civil War and… how to put this gently… often looks like if he hasn’t just risen from the grave, he’s headed for it?

Yeah, we’re going to go out on a limb and guess that he is the abnormality in this particular installment in the Amityville Horror series of films — the 12th, for those keeping track. And if we’re not mistaken, the pointy-eared troublemaker is the first vampire to inhabit the infamous haunted house. (Truth be told, we can’t be 100-percent sure; we missed the last 11 Amityville Horrors.)

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In another clip, Lowder’s toothsome Vincent ushers a couple of slumber-party guests into what he explains “was an actual doctor’s room for the orphanage” in which he apparently lives. “This is the only room in the house without a bed,” he adds — so the kitchen must be super wild! — “so if anyone would like to camp out… have an adventure… ” Mm-hmm. No. We’re with the gal who calls the tableau creepy and looks like she’s ready to crawl out of her skin, never mind the room.

Aaanyway… if you stream The Amityville Harvest and then still find yourself craving more, more, more, perhaps you might take Netflix-and-thrill inspiration from the photo gallery below. It runs down a whole bunch of Halloween flicks starring the best and brightest from not only Days of Our Lives but General Hospital, The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful (where — hello! — Lowder once played Rick). It’s so comprehensive, it includes horror movies starring not one but both of Days’ Erics!