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For a second there, it felt like old times.

Shortly after Kristian Alfonso last aired on Days of Our Lives, Hope’s former portrayer took to Instagram for a reunion of sorts: She posted a clip from the NBC soap in which she’s seen having mimosas with Melissa Reeves as Jennifer.

“You know what we’re gonna do right now, the two of us?” says Jen. “We’re gonna toast — to new chapters.”

“To new chapters,” replies Hope, clinking her glass with her cousin’s. “And novels. How about that?”

OK by Jen. It turned out that she was just getting warmed up. “And you know what else?” she continued. “To heroes.”

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Alfonso tagged the video, among other things, #kindness, #loveyou and #friendsforever. And it definitely made a statement: that although her time at Days of Our Lives was over, the relationships that she built there were anything but.

“This gave me the chills,” posted Kate Mansi (ex-Abigail) in response. “To new chapters!” cheered Tamara Braun, who’s soon to return as Ava.

Since Alfonso announced over the summer that she would be leaving the show after nearly 40 years, fans have been grappling with the loss. One of our editors even shared a personal anecdote that spoke to the actress’ lovely off-screen character. (Here, you can read his observation of her bond with Alice Horton’s late portrayer, Frances Reid.)

Alfonso’s castmates have also had to work to find the words to bid her adieu. “We have shared so many joys and sorrows and lessons in life growing up together on this incredible show,” wrote Reeves, adding that as much as Hope was loved on screen, “behind the scenes, the love is even deeper.”

Among their goodbyes, you could often sense that Alfonso and her Salem family would remain close. Heck, Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) came right out and said, “I know this is not the end. We will work together again… somewhere.”

And since Alfonso isn’t giving up acting, we can all look forward to seeing what role she tackles next. Maybe it will even be one of the ones that we suggested for her on The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful or General Hospital.

As for Reeves, she’s only temporarily on leave from Days of Our Lives. The new grandmother, whose stances on political issues have raised eyebrows, is being spelled by Emmy winner Cady McClain, perhaps best known as Dixie on All My Children (or Rosanna on As the World Turns).

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Ironically, just as Reeves made her exit from Days of Our Lives, the show kicked into high gear the big fall storyline that headwriter Ron Carlivati had promised for Jen and Jack (one in which it would appear that he’s going to learn that conniving Gwen is his daughter).

While you’re here and clearly in a Days of Our Lives mood, why not peruse the below photo gallery of the show’s all-time greatest characters. Yes, of course, Jen and Hope are both on the list.