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Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

It’s not as easy being drop-dead gorgeous as we might think.

Watching Days of Our Lives, it isn’t hard to forget how much thought, how much care, how much attention goes into every moment that appears on screen. Take, for instance, a scene featuring Lamon Archey and Eli’s much-treasured chest. You might imagine that all he has to do is, you know… exist… and boom, it all comes together like magic. Sexy, sexy magic. But it ain’t necessarily so.

In a behind-the-scenes video the actor tweeted out on October 14, he and leading lady Sal Stowers (Lani) are seen getting ready to tape one of his shirtless scenes. It isn’t as simple as “Aand… action!” however. Archey must first ascertain whether the camera is going to be lingering on his six-pack. “Are we panning up the abs,” he asks, “or no?”

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In his caption, the actor, formerly Mason on The Young and the Restless, elaborates. “In other words,” he jokes, “do I need to hold my breath and flex my abs until I turn blue in this scene?” Hashtag: #justmaking sure.

While you’re here — and clearly in an Elani kinda mood — perhaps you’d like to RSVP yes to the below Days of Our Lives wedding album, which revisits the couple’s nuptials. (Rice not included.) You’ll recall that it wasn’t just eventful, it was also historic: As Archey noted at the time, Eli and Lani “will be the first African-American couple to get married on [the show] in 54 years.” May they not be the last!