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Credit: Image: John Paschal/JPI

Days of Our Lives alum confirms his daytime status – and what the future holds.

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding EJ DiMera these days, considering Sami Brady left Salem not too long ago to head back to Rome to check in on him. Many Days of Our Lives fans have expressed their want (and need!) for actor James Scott to return to the role – a role he played on and off from 2006 until he departed the NBC soap opera in 2014. For those who have been waiting for news on the actor’s return, we have some answers for you – straight from the man himself…

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Many may not know, but Scott is doing something very different these days. The former actor runs a website called The Whisper Within, where he starts off by explaining, “In 2014, after a successful career in the entertainment industry, I found myself with everything and nothing.” Despite having “money, celebrity, and status” he revealed the grief that came along with the perks of Hollywood. “I had worked tirelessly for the better part of two decades to attain wealth and validation, yet no external thing could touch the emptiness I felt and the worthlessness I experienced.” Scott decided to face his “despair and depression” in order to change his life, which led to an Indian meditation center. “I went for a week and stayed for a year.” After his journey, he discovered a “newfound peace” and now wants to “inspire others to do the same…”

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In an Instagram post, Scott is pictured alongside Dr. Deepak Chopra, an alternative medicine advocate, captioned, “To follow your heart is to never know where you will be lead, that is the beauty of its mystery. It was a pleasure to spend a morning teaching with Dr Chopra.” Now, here’s where his past daytime career comes into play… A fan, thisnthatfinds_tricia_baker, expressed how much she’s missed Scott and suggested that he call Days of Our Lives and come back to Salem with Sami. Scott was quick to reply, which, once and for all, confirms his daytime status, “@thisnthatfinds_tricia_baker hi – thank you for joining me here, please know that I will never. Never. Never. Never. Never. Go back to Hollywood let alone [Days of Our Lives]. There is nothing interesting there for me.”

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