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An interview that NBC’s South Florida affiliate posted to YouTube this week sheds new light on the tight bond between the on-screen mother/daughter duo.

When Days of Our Lives’ Victoria Konefal sat down for a Zoom interview with NBC 6 In the Mix, she couldn’t say enough good things about “mom” Kristian Alfonso. The veteran actress “is amazing,” exclaimed Konefal, who until recently had played Hope’s daughter, Ciara. “The moment that I set foot on [the soap’s] stage two and a half, almost three years ago, she took me under her wing and showed me the ropes, and assured me that everything was going to be OK.”

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It turned out that that boost from the well-respected Days of Our Lives veteran was exactly what Konefal needed. “I was a little bit nervous,” she admitted, “as this was my first big studio job.” Afterwards, she not only nailed her role, she became one of the show’s most popular stars.

Elsewhere in the Q&A, the young actress admitted that she knew of the NBC sudser’s historic significance before joining the cast, but she still found the experience “surreal… I didn’t realize how great of an impact it had on everyone till I started getting the fan feedback.”

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So by the time Konefal exited stage left, she had some understanding of what it meant to viewers who had come to love not only Ciara but Ciara’s romance with her tortured “widower,” Ben. And she certainly understood the massive reaction that was to be expected of Alfonso’s announcement that she was leaving after nearly 40 years as Hope. It “came completely out of the blue,” said Konefal. “I had no idea [she was quitting], but I’m in full support of it. I’d kinda be a hypocrite if I said, ‘No, they’re gonna miss you!’”

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What’s especially interesting about this segment of the interview is that Konefal doesn’t say that she had quit Days of Our Lives or that she was gone; she says instead, “I had already announced that I would be taking a break from the show as well.” That has to be music to Cin fans’ ears, no? “Taking a break” is very different from “saying goodbye.” And hey, the last cast member to take a break from the show — Camila Banus (Gabi) — was on her way back before she had even aired for the last time.

You can watch the full interview above. And for those keeping track — or trying to — the below photo gallery lines up and counts down all of the actors who have recently returned to Days of Our Lives and/or are on their way back.

Video: YouTube/NBC 6 In the Mix