Gwen steals Jack and Jenn's wine on Days
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Gwen’s motivations are becoming clearer.

The sudden worry about Jack’s many absences in his children’s lives in Tuesday’s Days of Our Lives episode made our imaginations run wild. Jack’s conversation with Jennifer, combined with Gwen’s intense interest in throwing Jack and Jennifer a party and her hate for Abigail, has us wondering if Jack could be Gwen’s father. Could she be seeking revenge for being denied the life she believes she was entitled to?

While babysitting Rachel, Jennifer reminisced as she fed the fussy baby in Tuesday’s episode. Jennifer laughed and asked her husband if he remembered when Abigail would do similar things when she was little. Jack looked pained, as he said, “No. I don’t. I wasn’t there.” For those who don’t remember, Jack left Salem in 1993 shortly after Abigail was born. She contracted aplastic anemia from a polluted well near their home, which he blamed himself for.

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Jennifer apologized, but Jack reminded her he was the one who abandoned Jennifer and their sick baby girl when they needed him the most. Jennifer tried to reassure him that it only mattered that he came back. Jack rightfully responded, “Until I left again.”

Jack’s many absences occurred when he was presumed dead, faked his own death, took off during a vacation to Africa, and when he was working on a drug trafficking story. Jennifer agreed their separations had been painful, but she assured him she had forgiven him. Still, Jack pointed out, he hadn’t always been a great father and husband even when he had been there. Jennifer again said that both she and Abigail loved him and forgave him.

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That might be true, but you know who might not forgive him? His potentially long lost daughter Gwen. The Gwen who went to Dr. Rolf for a drug to scramble Abigail’s brain, which thankfully didn’t stick. The Gwen who has been making cryptic comments about Abigail’s idyllic family and childhood and her less than happy one. The Gwen who pushed for Abigail to plan a party for her parents, which she secretly declared to Stefano’s portrait will be “a night that everyone will remember.”

We don’t know exactly what she has planned at the party, but outing Jack as her father in front of his loving family and friends isn’t too far-fetched. Maybe we’ll learn that during one of his many stints away from Salem, Jack had an affair that produced a daughter he never knew about. Of course, Gwen’s mother could be closer to home, as he was involved with Jennifer’s mother Laura (though they didn’t know who the other was) before he returned to town the first time. There was also Jennifer’s cousin Melissa, as well as Eve Donovan, many years ago.

Then again, Jack might not be Gwen’s dad at all. Jennifer might be Gwen’s target for some reason. Could she be her mother and even Jennifer doesn’t know it? It happens more than you’d think in soaps and they did recast the role of Jennifer with Cady McClain when Melissa Reeves decided not to return. It stands to reason they wouldn’t have done that if there wasn’t a big storyline coming up. Or, maybe Jack had something to do with the destruction of Gwen’s family while he was away from his own.

What do you think? Is Jack Gwen’s father or is she targeting Abigail for another reason? Give us your best theories below.

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