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Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Only six weeks after getting back to work, the NBC soap has had to press “pause” once again.

The hourglass is going to be resting on its side for a couple of weeks. After a member of Days of Our Lives’ production team tested positive for… well, you know, the cast and crew were notified via email that out of an abundance of caution, the show was being shut down for two weeks, through October 26, reports our sister site Deadline.

The team member who tested positive is said to already be in isolation, and contact tracing has identified the other staffers who will need to spend more alone time than usual for the next 14 days. But that’s just the unfortunate news. There’s real, actual good news, too.

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Days of Our Lives, which never stopped rolling out new episodes over the course of this trying and chaotic spring and summer, thanks to its well-in-advance taping schedule, will still not have its run of original episodes interrupted. So say what you will about how far ahead of broadcast the show works — we’ve always argued that it makes it hard to course-correct in a timely manner a storyline that isn’t clicking — but it’s certainly kept things hopping on air in Salem throughout this difficult period in history. And have we ever needed our stories to keep us going!

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