Credit: John Paschal/JPI

Despite it being the end of her long run on the NBC soap, the actress tagged herself “thankful.”

Only five days before Kristian Alfonso last airs as Hope Williams Brady on Days of Our Lives, the beloved leading lady has taken to Instagram to share “photos from my last scenes next week.”

According to captions on the images, taken from Soap Opera Digest, the scenes involve Hope receiving news about her “late” daughter Ciara from son Shawn. Judging from the tears that subsequently appear in Hope’s eyes, the news ain’t good. (Ironic since even in announcing her departure, Victoria Konefal, who plays the — cough — deceased was already expressing her interest in returning to the NBC soap at some point, in some capacity.)

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Immediately, fans began expressing their gratitude to Alfonso for providing them with nearly four decades of sudsy entertainment. “You will be so missed,” wrote anjwlff. “I don’t remember Days without you. Happy retirement or whatever you have ahead.” (Apparently, anjwlff missed our story in which Alfonso revealed that while she was through at Days of Our Lives, she was in no way, shape or form through with acting.)

Other viewers were still reeling from the shock of the notion of a Salem without Alfonso and her iconic character. “This is breaking my heart,” wrote sweetness3769. “This hurts so deeply to see you go… [but] Hope Brady will live on in our hearts forever because of you.”

As Alfonso’s final episode — Wednesday, Oct. 14, approaches — perhaps you might like to console yourself with a trip down memory lane. The below photo gallery is filled with pictures of soap stars — including Alfonso and Peter Reckell (ex-Bo) — who crossed over to primetime and/or movies, then returned to soaps once again.