james reynolds mashup
Credit: Images: Jill Johnson/JPI (3)

A series of vintage pictures of James Reynolds got Abe’s portrayer labeled a “lifetime babe.” Hey, no arguments here.

It all started with a Twitter post by a Days of Our Lives fan site. Up went a few screenshots from the 1985 storyline in which James Reynolds’ reliable good guy Abe Carver sniffed out a bad cop among the ranks of the Salem PD. “What a fox!” commented Linsey Godfrey, who plays Sarah. Her castmate wasn’t just a hottie back then, he’s a “lifetime babe.”

Godfrey was by no means the only one of Reynolds’ colleagues to take notice of the smokeshow that had begun. Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) immediately chimed in, asking, “Can we talk about the fact that he still looks the same?!?

“Also,” she added, “the sweetest man alive.”

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Mind you, our favorite reaction to Reynolds’ enduring allure had to be the one that came from Paul Telfer, aka Xander. He went so far as to dig up his own retro image of Reynolds rocking some spectacularly ’80s fashions. Oh, and there was a horse, too. (Because why wouldn’t there be?) “Trigger warning,” Telfer captioned the oughta-be-iconic pic. “Extreme handsomeness and divine masculinity.”

Upon further research — the plot thickens! — we discovered that the photo is actually one that Reynolds himself posted on September 25 to wish a happy birthday to… well, whad’ya know? Uncropped, the shot includes his “pardner,” Josh Taylor (Roman). “Oh,” responded Wally Kurth (Justin), “now this is poster material.” Agreed.

As you’d hope, Reynolds was tickled by all of the attention and responded as only a cowpoke could: “Aww! Shucks!”

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