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October 10, 2014, was a dark day for fans of the NBC soap — but not anymore.

“You were worth everything.” With those four words, spoken to Days of Our Lives’ Sami Brady, EJ DiMera exhaled his last breath and died, thus bringing to an end one of the show’s most tumultuous romances in history — and considering that the show’s been around for going on 55 years, that’s really saying something.

Of course, appearances can be deceiving — and, in Salem, more so than most places (unless you count, say, Genoa City or Port Charles). It ultimately turned out that James Scott’s uber-popular character was and is no deader than Jack Deveraux or, it would seem, Ava Vitali. But more on his surprising resurrection in a moment. First, let’s relive the dramatic circumstances of his (cough) death.

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You’ll recall that six years ago, Sami was seeing one color and one color only: red, on account of she’d learned about EJ’s trysts with Abigail Deveraux. So the scheme queen teamed up with frenemy Kate Roberts and hatched a plot that was as brilliant as it was diabolical. Step No. 1: On the day that Sami remarried EJ, she anonymously sent the Salem PD evidence against the man that she was promising to love, honor and cherish was a tax cheat.

Step No. 2: Having convinced EJ that dad Stefano was behind the treachery, Sami had her groom sign over to her his powers at DiMera Enterprises; it wasn’t as if he could squeeze between prison bars to attend a fast-approaching board meeting, after all. (Told ya the plot was brilliant.)

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Step No. 3: Since Stefano dared not return to the States, lest he be shown to a cell adjacent to EJ’s, Sami was able to use a forged letter from the Phoenix to persuade the board to install her and Kate as co-CEOs. All that was left to do then was one thing.

Step No. 4: Gloat. Her revenge scheme an outrageous success, Sami delighted in informing EJ that she’d known for months about his two-timing. He pleaded for a second chance — or would that be a 22nd? — but she wasn’t having it. Not then, anyway.

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“Abigail DiMera? Seriously, you oughta get the death penalty.”

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Only after EJ made bail — and began moving heaven and earth to earn Sami’s forgiveness — did he wind up in real trouble. He did, slowly but surely, charm his way back into his true love’s good graces. But by then, she had sold off most of his assets. Ever resourceful, EJ had Victor Kiriakis hook him up with a drug dealer by the name of Clyde Weston. EJ wouldn’t be making honest money, but he’d be making a lot of it.

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Unfortunately, Clyde didn’t turn out to be the trustworthy sort of drug dealer that EJ hoped he’d be. (Shocking, we know.) In fact, Ben’s opportunistic old man sought to take over his boss’ territory. When EJ confronted Clyde, a shot rang out, and that, it seemed, was that. Moments after Sami found EJ lying in the park, he was dead.

As if. We should’ve seen it coming, but we’ll be damned if we did. EJ’s sister, Kristen, paid his body a visit at the morgue and injected it with an unknown substance, one which, in 2018, we found out had given him a new lease on life. Trouble was, EJ wasn’t quite the man he used to be: He was alive, sure… but not exactly well. Still, viewers took it as an excellent sign that one day, he might be restored to full vigor — with his Daytime Emmy-nominated portrayer reprising his old role.

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“Trust me, I saw this once on General Hospital.”

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Could it happen? Call us pie-eyed optimists, but we believe that it could — and soon. Consider: According to Scott’s IMDb page, since leaving Days of Our Lives, he’s only appeared in a couple of primetime series (the last one four years ago). Given the current state of the world, it’s gotta be pretty tricky to go out and audition. As Gabi’s portrayer, Camila Banus, recently told Soaps.com, the pilot season she imagined was coming up never really materialized. So wouldn’t it be attractive to Scott to simply return to a show for which he wouldn’t have to try out and one at which he is already highly prized?

Another thing makes us think that maybe, just maybe, we aren’t merely dreaming, too: In late August, before Alison Sweeney’s latest stint as Sami had come to an end, Days of Our Lives announced that she was returning — and not just for a visit, she’s coming back for most of 2021. Such a long stay in Salem would be the perfect opportunity for EJ’s reintroduction, no? It would also give the hotheaded couple enough time to break up yet again, if Sweeney wanted to resume making Hallmark movies and Scott wanted to stick around to stir the pot.

What do you think, Days of Our Lives fans? We’d love to be able to tell you that we’ve seen hints about Scott’s interest on Instagram or Twitter, but he’s a social-media phantom. Would you like to see him return to reunite EJami? On your way to the comments, stop off at the photo gallery below, to review a whole lotta soap alumni who made it big in primetime, then returned to daytime, anyhow.