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Credit: Image: Priscilla Grant/Courtesy of the Everett Collection

“This is us,” the actress tagged the intimate image. #Relationshipgoals, we marked it.

Days of Our Lives — or any soap, for that matter — would be hard-pressed to stage a scene as romantic as the one from which Kristian Alfonso lifted a picture on October 6. To mark her and husband Danny Daggenhurst’s 19th wedding anniversary, she posted an almost impossibly sweet photo of the two of them, nose to nose and looking as contended as ever a couple did.

“My love, my rock, my heart,” she captioned the shot. “This is us.”

Meanwhile, over here, we’re like, “And this is us being in awe of your enviably peaceful expressions — and not for the first time, either.” If a picture’s worth a thousand words, all of theirs spell out “enamored.”

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Alfonso’s Instagram feed has long served as a kind of open family album. In fact, just a little over a week ago, for National Sons Day, she posted a series of through-the-years pictures of her boys — 29-year-old Gino Macauley, her son with first husband Simon Macauley, 18-year-old Jack Daggenhurst, her son with Danny, and stepson Spartan Daggenhurst, 27. “When a mother doesn’t feel she could possibly love her sons any more than she does,” she wrote, “I do. My heart is full.”

Alfonso’s family posts have lately been a nice break for Days of Our Lives fans, hit over and over again with bad news. In addition to the revelation that the leading lady is leaving the show she’s called home for nearly 40 years, she shared not only her final airdate as Hope but the fact that, when she taped her last scene, she had no idea that it would, in fact, be her last scene ever.

Earlier this week, Alfonso also weighed in on the plot twist that had her shrewd character lending more credence to madman Vincent’s account of her daughter Ciara’s “death” than made sense. When a fan suggested that “Hope would never take the word of a criminal just like that, she would never believe that a bullet casing survived the explosion but zero evidence of a human body did,” the actress replied, “True, she wouldn’t — not ever.” More recently, she admitted that she agreed with viewers who felt that Hope should be leveling at least some of the blame for Ciara’s “demise” on Ben. (You can read that story here.)

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