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You can’t trust the word of a torturing kidnapper. As if!

With son-in-law Ben at her side, Days of Our Lives’ Hope tracked down Vincent and arrested him. Once back at the Salem Police Department, Ben grabbed him, demanding to know where Ciara was. Vincent was more than happy to talk, but what he had to say wasn’t at all what Ben and Hope wanted to hear. Vincent claimed that he’d shot and killed Ciara before his car exploded. Yep, he said, she is dead. Or is she? Ben doesn’t buy it, and neither do we — mostly because this is Days of Our Lives, and just about everyone comes back from the dead. We also can’t believe that Cin’s love story is over, but, as we tend to do, we have a few other reasons as well.

No Body, No Vic

Vincent claimed that he killed Ciara prior to the explosion. He told Hope that Ciara was dead before the car went up in flames so she didn’t suffer. Strangely, though, her body wasn’t among the ruins. Unless the explosion burned up every bit of her, we’re thinking that — and we ain’t math whizzes — his story doesn’t add up.

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‘He Gets Off On Seeing What It Does to Us’

The whole reason Vincent helped Eve kidnap Ben in the first place was to avenge fiancée Wendy’s death — you know, Wendy, the midwife who helped Abigail give birth and who Ben killed years ago. Vincent then took Ciara to further torture him. What better way to increase that torture than by making Ben believe that the love of his life is dead when she’s really alive. Ben called Vincent out on enjoying putting them through hell, and we’re inclined to believe he was right.

It’s a Helluva Drug

Vincent recalled how Ciara stabbed him with the syringe that was intended for her. Perhaps the drug made him hallucinate, and he only thinks that he shot and killed Ciara. Yes, the gun that he placed on the ground before the car exploded did have a bullet missing, and, yes, Hope saw what she thought was a bullet casing in a crime-scene photo, but Vincent was under the influence. He could have fired off the gun and missed Ciara. Or, he could have shot her but only wounded her. Or, he could have shot someone else and a totally innocent bystander is the one who is actually dead.

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Vincent’s Really a Softy

He told Hope he didn’t want to have to take Ciara from her. Vincent also softened when Lani reminded him that other people besides Ben were affected by Ciara’s disappearance and needed answers. It stands to reason that he isn’t completely devoid of emotion and is only making people think Ciara is dead, but he couldn’t actually go through with killing her. Sure, his actions are still causing a great deal of harm, but while he has no qualms about torturing people, he might draw the line at murder.

Ciara’s a Freakin’ Brady

Ciara is Bo and Hope Brady’s kid. There’s no way she’d go down without a fight. Even though Vincent said that he was able to subdue her after she’d stabbed him with the syringe, we have to believe that Ciara wouldn’t just suddenly give up. If he did hit her with a bullet, she could have scrambled away but gotten caught up in the blast and is recuperating somewhere with amnesia. Or she could have escaped Vincent’s clutches before the blast, and he only hallucinated his whole conversation with Ciara in the car. Or, perhaps she’s still tied up where he left her.

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Wherever Ciara is, our money is on her being alive. How about you? Tell us what you think really happened to the beauty and then relive Ben and Ciara’s love story through our photo gallery below. And while you’re here, get your free daily soap-opera fix for Days of Our Lives — and all of the other daytime dramas — delivered straight to your email inbox by signing up for’s newsletter.