days of our lives galen gering backstage sons tribute
Credit: Image: NBC

Don’t you dare say that Rafe’s portrayer is just “phoning it in.”

Galen Gering’s October 2 Instagram post was at once funny as heck and deadly serious. The Days of Our Lives star, who’s played Rafe since 2008, put up an image of himself on a studio landline (that was as red as the Bat Phone, we couldn’t help but notice) and captioned it: “This is how we rehearse now. We talk on the in-house phone.

“‘Hello? Yeah, it’s me, Rafe,’” he continued. “‘Hello… ?” He then shared another picture that looked like it could have been a screenshot from Grey’s Anatomy. But “this is how we get our hair and makeup done,” he explained. “Safety first people!”

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It’s a whole new world, not only at Days of Our Lives but in… well, the world. And while it was amusing to imagine Gering and his castmates running lines over the phone, it was also sobering. And heartening — good to know that NBC’s one and only soap is doing everything in its power to ensure that its team is protected and the cameras keep rolling.

Gering added that “also, we test every day. It’s a seriously impressive operation ova here at Days of Our Lives.” Indeed, it is. The soaps aren’t messing around; the powers that be know that we need our fix, and they’ll be damned if they aren’t going to do everything that they can to ensure its delivery. Or, as the actor put it: “Daytime ain’t playtime! Anyway it sure beats the alternative.” True dat.

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Only a few days earlier, Gering had given a heart-swellingly sweet shout-out to his sons, Dillon and Jensen, posting a series of adorable images and calling the boys “my dudes, my lil’ crunchy amigos.

“I love you so much, it’s ridiculous,” he continued. “Thank you for making life so much more interesting on every level.”

The soap vet, who previously played Luis on Passions (as if you didn’t know that), also reminded us of what a freaking fantastic talent Jensen is — and we don’t just mean the amazing Bieber-esque hair (which is impressive in its own right). “‘Rewind’ is the song 2020 deserves,” Gering wrote before throwing to a video of his younger son performing an original composition with a poise and stylized vocal that belies his years. And “he picked up the electric” guitar, exclaimed Victoria Konefal (ex-Ciara).

That, he did. Check out the gorgeous song above. Then, while you’re hanging, maybe peruse the below photo gallery of Days of Our Lives stars who, like Gering, are making tracks back to Salem.