New Titan intern Charlie on Days of our Lives
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

Lots of speculation about Titan’s new intern Charlie.

Actor Mike C. Manning made his Days debut today. All we know about his character so far is that his name is Charlie and he’s a Titan Industries intern who people like to spill things on. Speculation has been swirling about what else there is to know about this mystery character though, especially since Manning himself teased, “It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.”

A few social media users spotted Manning’s resemblance to fan-favorite Days of Our Lives alum James Scott who played E.J. DiMera. It’s fun to think about Charlie being E.J.’s child who might be infiltrating the competition over at Titan but since Charlie is seen asking Claire out in the spoiler video, we’re inclined to think he is not EJ and Sami’s son Johnny. If he were, that would mean he was hitting on his cousin. Not that soap operas don’t love their incest stories — Guiding Light’s Tammy and Jonathan anyone?

Should they go that route, it’d make more sense if he were E.J.’s son from a previous relationship that no one knew about. He could be joining Titan to seek revenge on the DiMera family who never claimed him and it’d explain why the cousins don’t recognize each other. Either way, his being connected to E.J. would give Sami more to focus on when Alison Sweeney returns to Days for an extended stay.

Another possibility is Charlie is Allie’s rapist and the father of her baby. Allie accused Tripp of her attack but she also admitted she was drunk and doesn’t remember anything after he brought her home. However, Tripp insists he didn’t pursue anything with her because she was too drunk. If Tripp is telling the truth, it’s possible Charlie followed them back to Allie’s place or was her neighbor, snuck in, and took advantage of her after Tripp left. Also, with Tamara Braun reprising her role as Ava could he turn out to be a member of the Vitali branch of Tripp’s family tree?

There is the potential for him to just be a nice guy who is looking to work his way up Salem’s corporate ladder. Maybe he gets caught up in Xander and Philip’s war, starts dating his non-cousin Claire, and all the other regular drama a twenty-something character does on a soap. But this is Days of Our Lives we’re talking about so “bumpy” probably involves something more bonkers. Jan’s roaming free, maybe he’s connected to her somehow and helps her manipulate Claire. There’s also Gwen who might need a partner in crime. Which, if he is a DiMera, could bring this whole thread full circle.

What do you think? Give us your best theories on Charlie below and then look through our photo gallery of characters we’d like to see return to Salem.

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