Days spoilers collage

Couples in crisis, a dinner party gone awry and maybe — just maybe — answers about Ciara! 

When done right, soap spoilers are all about the art of the tease. They whet our appetites for what’s to come and make it darn near impossible not to tune in. That’s definitely the case with this week’s Days of Our Lives spoilers. Why? Because they indicate that dead ahead are twists both big and small which we’ll be sure to talk about in Friday’s weekly Soapbox column! Ready for a taste of what’s coming up? Talk about your rhetorical questions… of course you are! That’s why you’re here!

1. Eli’s Put in a Tough Spot

Last week, things between Eli and Lani were so tense, those babies she’s carrying could no doubt feel it! But it looked as if they’d sort of figured out a way to deal with the fact that he’d arrested her best friend, Kristen. This week, however, Melinda — whom you’ll recall has a pretty big axe to grind where Brady’s girlfriend is concerned — realizes Lani’s new hubby might be her best weapon when it comes to making Kristen pay for her latest crime. When the D.A. turns up the heat, will Eli’s reaction lead to him getting the cold shoulder — or worse, the cold entire body — from Lani?

2. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

When Salem residents sit down to eat, it’s for one of two reasons: They’re about to catch each other (and, by extension, the audience) up on recent events, or something is about to go down. This week, a welcome-home dinner is thrown for Philip, and you’ll definitely want a seat at the table. Why? Let’s just say things are going to take an unexpected turn. Now, given how high tensions have been running in the Kiriakis mansion ever since Philip returned, any sane person might have suggested that a dinner party wasn’t the best idea ever. Thankfully, nobody did. Word of warning: This party is BYOP — bring your own popcorn!

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3. Trouble in Paradise

We’ve fallen as hard for Xander and Sarah as they have for each other. And no, it’s not just because of her adorable new haircut and his tendency to — bless his heart — walk around shirtless. That said, longtime soap fans know that when a good girl hooks up with a bad boy, the road to happiness is a bumpy one (just ask his uncle and her mom!). Sure enough, that will prove the case when this week, she finds out that he had a hand in Philip’s arrest. Can Sarah make her beau see the error of his ways… or will he convince her that sometimes, the only way to clean up a messy situation is by getting a little dirty!

4. Two More Big Exits?

If you think people have been fleeing Salem lately as if the entire town is infested with bedbugs, you’re kinda right. Hot on the heels of Eric and Sami’s departures last week, two more locals may hit the road when Kristen tells Eric they need to get outta town while the getting’s still good! Before they can do so, however, Kristen’s going to have to ask a longtime rival for a favor. (Here’s hoping the conversation is a quick one, because even as Kristen’s making her getaway plans, loose lips threaten to sink her proverbial ship!)

5. The Million-Dollar Question

By week’s end, we may finally be closer to discovering what really happened to Ciara after she was kidnapped by Vincent and the car exploded! With an assist from Hope, Ben at last locates Vincent and demands answers from his former torturer. Expect things to get pretty heated between the two as the increasingly desperate husband asks questions he may not like the answers to. Is Ciara dead or alive? Vincent may well be the only one who can fill in the blanks… although we’ve got a few guesses as to the beauty’s ultimate fate, which you can check out here.

Which of these about-to-unfold stories are you most looking forward to? Share your thoughts in the comment section, then visit the gallery below in which we look at how the residents of Salem will be impacted if the worst-case-scenario unfolds and Ciara is truly dead!