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The First Couple of Salem could be facing their biggest challenge yet! 

We’ll admit that when Days of Our LivesJohn went off on Sami last week, we were among those who cheered him on. After all, his stepdaughter has practically defined the word “selfish brat” for years! But this week, he lashes out again… and this time, it’s at someone a whole lot less deserving of his ire. In fact, it’s his longtime best buddy and recent business partner, Steve! Needless to say, John’s behavior has raised a few red flags for those around him, including Marlena!

You’ll recall that, upon hearing Sami claim that John had hurled both insults and a cactus at her, Marlena was immediately skeptical, and with pretty good reason. While John doesn’t have the best poker face, he’s certainly not prone to outbursts, even when the person on the receiving end is deserving of a tongue-lashing! Yet upon sharing with John her daughter’s version of what went down, Marlena was stunned to hear him sheepishly admit what he’d done.

“I said things to her I would never say to a woman, especially if that woman were your daughter,” confessed John, adding, “What’s wrong with me?”

Although Marlena offered assurances that everything was fine, her eyes couldn’t mask her concern. (Come to think of it, no wonder these two are so perfect for each other… her poker face is almost as bad as his!) She later put up a brave front while updating Belle on cactusgate, insisting that “that sort of outburst is not unusual after an aneurysm.”

Drake Hogestyn, Stephen Nichols, Deidre Hall "Days of our Lives" Set NBC Studios Burbank 03/04/20 © XJJohnson/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 13943 U.S.Airdate 09/22/20

But those barely-hidden fears will no doubt bubble to the surface once Marlena learns of John’s verbal assault on his pal. Worse, she’ll have to face this latest crisis without the help of Eric, who has so often been a calming presence for his mother but this week left Salem in order to return to Africa. (Heck, the poor woman won’t even have his twin to offer her, er, “unique” brand of comfort, given that Sami is also preparing to head back to Rome!)

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For his part, it seems unlikely that Steve will hold much of a grudge where John’s misplaced anger is concerned. It’s not like the guy who spent months housing Stefano’s “essence” thanks to an implanted microchip can reasonably judge a person whose behavior is (apparently) being caused by a brain aneurysm. But what if the next person at whom John lashes out isn’t as forgiving as his family and friends have been thus far? Worse, what if these bursts of anger are only the beginning? Just how serious might John’s condition be… and could it eventually lead to him putting himself or someone close to him in danger?

While much remains unknown, one thing we’re absolutely certain of is that Marlena will stand by her man no matter what comes next. (Once a guy has donned a priest’s collar and helped drive a demon out of your soul, it’s safe to assume you’re  in it for the long haul.) However, what if John — his perceptions altered by whatever’s going on inside his injured brain — doesn’t feel the same way? Could the pair be heading for splitsville? Tell us in the comments how you think this will play out, then remind yourself of just what makes this pair so magical by visiting the gallery below to relive their various weddings!