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Her unhappy ending could be just the beginning of a whole lot of drama!

When Days of our Lives blew up Ciara, it exploded a whole lotta viewers’ hearts right along with it. “I’m legit crying right now watching” the show, tweeted EricPage1988. “I don’t want to believe that Ciara is dead and that she’s going to be OK.” Robert Scott Wilson and Kristian Alfonso “owned me today,” said Shugatweet. “My chest is still aching.”

Fellow fan SairgieMairgie wrote, “‘Cinner’ down! I repeat… ‘Cinner’ down!” and added that Ben’s dreams of his lost love “are going to absolutely wreck me.” We Trusted the Process We Were Right seconded that emotion, remarking, “I don’t care if it’s a dream — they are happy. I’m going to revel in it. Just leave me here.”

While many an audience member processed their grief, others attended to practical matters — like worrying about the prospect of Ben moving on too quickly. (They must have really groaned when we suggested five new women for him.) “It makes no sense to pair Ben with anyone right now,” cried ItsSu. “He just lost his wife because of a revenge-fueled maniac who BTW is still on the loose. Is he supposed to just jump in a new woman’s life and risk her safety that she won’t be taken to make Ben suffer more?”

Sheesh. Could the poor guy suffer more? Not only has he gone almost straight from the wedding to the funeral — like these other unfortunate characters — he blames himself for setting in motion the devastating chain of events that cost Wendy her life, Vincent his sanity and, ultimately, himself Ciara.

Mind you, not all fans believe that Ciara really is toast and Ben’s mourning, permanent. (Maybe they’ve read that portrayer Victoria Konefal “would love the opportunity to continue working with my castmates in the future.”) “Through every fire that was set to destroy ‘Cin,’ they came out on the other side stronger,” reminded Mygurl1207. “Their love cannot be burned away… Love will win! Trust the process!”

MeghanMichele20 was sure gonna try to do exactly that. “Keep me here,” she captioned a video of “Cin” gazing into one another’s eyes at their wedding. “Keep me in these looks — in the way he kisses her hand. Keep me in this whole moment until she returns home to him, and he can slide those rings back on her finger where they belong.”

It’s not just fans, either, who were sent reeling by Ciara’s apparent demise. The ripple effect from her death is guaranteed to wash over Salem like a tidal wave of tears. How, exactly? Like this story’s headline suggests, we have some thoughts on that, which you can read all about in the photo gallery below. It runs through all of the characters who’ll be most affected by Ciara’s passing.