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From annoying, nail-biting toxic girlfriend of Jake Lambert to villainess, who the heck is Gwen, and what’s her endgame? 

Gwen Without-a-Last-Name (Emily O’Brien) has been lying since she suddenly showed up at Bayview mental hospital, and told fellow psychiatric patient Claire Brady (Olivia Keegan/Isabel Durant) a whopper about hiding out from her “abusive boyfriend.” She claimed not even to be “crazy,” but now that we know her better, that’s debatable! She has told anyone who will listen that she’s skint. She has no money, and no place to live, but is she fabricating that as well to manipulate people into feeling sorry for her? It seems like it.

We recently wondered if it was possible that Gwen was the one drugging Abigail, and a few days later, it shockingly turned out to be true, which is why it’s not a stretch for us to wonder about these six characters who might be the reason behind Gwen wanting to destroy Abigail DiMera (Marci Miller) or Abby and Chad’s (Billy Flynn) relationship.

Who would bankroll Gwen? It wouldn’t have to be somebody she knows. Maybe she just needs cash and doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty. She is a golddigger. Or perhaps she’s related to somebody from Salem who has a score to settle with the DiMeras. Maybe nobody’s bankrolling the bail-biter, and just maybe she’s just some random person with her own agenda. But we don’t think so. This is Salem. Nothing happens randomly.

We know from the Days of our Lives spoilers that Gwen’s about to become Chad and Abigail’s nanny. Mary Poppins? It gives Gwen a way to stick around the house, to drug Abigail and watch over whatever else she wants in what’s often referred to as “The House of Usher.” It’s interesting already that Gwen knows the secret tunnel from the upstairs mansion down to their rinky-dink “livingroom.” But what does all of this mean and what’s her endgame? Take a look at the gallery of who we suspect is bankrolling Gwen, and if you are looking for more scoop about Days of our lives, feel free to sign up for’s newsletter which is delivered for free to your inbox once, daily.