Emily O Brien DAYS
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

Sometimes, things don’t go as planned!

Viewers were downright stunned when Days of our Lives revealed that it was Gwen, not Gabi, who slipped Abigail a champagne Mickey. But as the truth continued to unfurl, fans went from shocked to confused before taking to social media with questions about what they’d just seen… questions which headwriter Ron Carlivati eventually stepped in to answer!

For months, Chad and Abigail — along with most viewers — have assumed that Abby-hating Gabi was the one who drugged her rival, pushing her not only over the edge but out of Chad’s arms and back into an out-of-state facility. Conveniently enough, this week saw Abby returning to Salem hot on the heels of Gabi’s exit. And no sooner was Chad reunited with his wife than the two of them began to question whether the fiery fashionista had, in fact, been responsible for their recent woes.

As often happens on soaps, the actual perpetrator was at that very moment reflecting on what she’d done. In newly-created flashbacks, we watched as Julie poured two glasses of champagne behind the bar before conveniently leaving them long enough for Gwen to empty a vial into one of the flutes. Julie then returned and served her patrons… which left fans with questions!

As @rmhmamim_heidi so succinctly put it on twitter, “How the hell did Gwen know what glass Abby would drink from?”