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Credit: Image: Chris Haston/NBC

“Live boldly,” indeed!

The two words that best describe the series of photos that Days of our Lives‘ Camila Banus posted to Instagram on September 2 are as follows: Damn, girl! If she looked any hotter, the computer or cellphone on which you’re reading this article would currently have smoking rising from it.

“Live boldly!!!!” she captioned the black-and-white shots taken by Andrew L. Quesada. “Photograph yourself in public, dance in the rain, shake your tail feather!

“Live your best life — safely,” she added with a laugh. “Haven’t had a shoot in a long time, and it was amazing to be in front of [Quesada’s] camera yet again.”

Soon enough, Banus will be in front of the cameras again at Days of our Lives, too. After deciding to take a break from the NBC soap, she changed her mind and opted to return before Gabi had even left on screen. “I’m happy and grateful I have a home at Days of our Lives,” she told in August. “I have a home there that is not only the show but just the amazing people that make it happen.” (You can not only read but watch Banus’ full interview here.)

Before you hit the comments with your reactions to the actress’ hot shots, perhaps you’d like to stop by the below photo gallery, which relives the wild life and times of her Days of our Lives character (someone who’s so often forgotten the “safely” part of “Live your best life — safely”!).