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She’s focused and calculated…

Last week was an impressive week for Days of our Lives. In the latest opinion column, there was chatter about Sami and Nicole being at each other’s throats, just like old times, trying to see who could play dirtier in the custody case for Baby Horton. We collectively shook our heads over Gabi and Rafe learning that their dad made another boneheaded move that cost them everything, and Ben’s brainwashing storyline came to a rousing climax that was reminiscent of those B movie horrors. But what we didn’t dish on were those characters that aren’t on the front burner, and things between them are just starting to heat up.

Even with Gabi gone for a while, we know that things in the DiMera household are going to get interesting. We’ve learned from the Days of our Lives spoilers that once Abigail returns home that Gwen will try to befriend her. She’ll also make herself indispensable by taking on nanny duties for Thomas and Charlotte. And we also know that reason isn’t simply because she needs a job. Gwen has another reason for wanting to be a part of the DiMera family.

So far, we don’t know much about Gwen’s history except that she doesn’t have a home, job, money, or friends, aside from Claire and Jake. She’s a con woman who was able to wrangle a bed at Bayview and keep up a lie about being mentally ill. Then again, is it really that far-fetched from who she is?gwen and claire at bayview days

Jake called Gwen a gold-digger on Friday’s episode and he’s right. As soon as she found out Jake came from an affluent family, she hounded him to move into the DiMera mansion and stake her his claim.

Gwen’s got focus. She’s got her eye on some prize because instead of taking off, her dignity intact, three minutes after she caught Jake in bed with Gabi, she decided to forgive him. It was all very calculated.jake and gwen fight days

Instead of moving out, Gwen immediately reminded Chad that he owes her and asked if she could keep living in the mansion. She’s desperate and pathetic, which is a recipe for disaster. Now that Jake’s done with her, we’re speculating that she’ll try to get Abigail out of the way.Gwen kisses Chad DiMera on Days of our Lives

Is it a stretch to wonder if she was the one to drug Abigail? In the past we thought Chad might be the culprit, citing possible lasting effects of his brainwashing. But maybe Gwen had her sights set on the DiMera’s for longer than we know. After all, this is Salem. Anything is possible in Salem.

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