Nicole and Sami face off on Days of our Lives
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Sami makes a bold move in the custody hearing.

Sami is desperate to gain custody of Baby Horton over her nemesis Nicole. Last week, she went so far as to betray her brother Eric, who happens to be married to Nicole. It of course backfired, so this week, per the Days of our Lives spoilers, Sami brings in the big guns with a surprise witness. It’s a move that could affect many Salemites lives.

To recap, after Belle stepped down as Sami’s lawyer, Sami decided to defend herself in the hearing that will determine Allie’s baby’s custody. While representing herself, she went after Nicole’s character by dredging up the past. That seems like a logical tactic, but in doing so she put Eric on the spot to corroborate her assertion that Nicole killed Deimos. Unfortunately for her, her brother sided with his wife as Eric claimed to not know anything about it.

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That might be a momentary set back though as Sami’s witness could change everything. But who will she bring in to help bolster her case? Nicole’s past is littered with many a misdeed so it could be anyone of her exes who has had a front-row seat. There are also members of Sami’s grandson’s family who could stand up in court and side with Sami. Then again, there could be a wild card or two who could throw the proceedings for a loop.

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