Hope and Rafe at the office on Days
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

Rafe to the rescue!

Last week, Rafe and Hope came close to kissing after he asked her to return to the Salem Police Department. The exes decided to forget the moment and move forward as friends and colleagues, but that just might change this week. Per the Days of our Lives spoilers, Rafe comes to Hope’s rescue, which, considering they can’t stop thinking about each other, could be just the thing that pushes them to reunite.

Rafe and Hope have each had a rough go of it lately. Rafe lost his custody battle for little David who he raised for a year, while Hope was brainwashed into thinking she was Princess Gina again. Hope is back to her old self now and Rafe, though still longing to be a father, is healing from his devastating separation from the little boy. Though they weren’t there for each other during their ordeals (because Princess Gina) they’ve once again started growing close. Rafe even walked Hope’s daughter Ciara down the aisle at her wedding to Ben.

They may grow even closer after Rafe rescues her on Thursday. From what, we don’t know. He could save her from Vincent who is still lurking around. Although, Hope handled him just fine all on her own last time. Maybe Eve makes her presence known, thereby putting Hope in danger. Or maybe, Hope just needs some help getting reacclimated to the SPD.

Whatever chivalrous act Rafe performs could make Hope change her mind about the whole friends thing, as on Friday, she seeks advice from Jennifer and Kayla. Considering they both recently reunited with their exes, they could steer Hope in the right direction. But then again, Galen Gering staying at Days of our Lives as Rafe and Kristian Alfonso leaving as Hope soon could throw a wrench into things.

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