ciara and ben sit on bed days of our lives
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

Viewers may be about to find out not only how much he’s changed but if he’s been changed permanently.

With Vicoria Konefal set to leave Days of our Lives, Ciara’s husband is about to be left, too — in the lurch. Will Ben rise to the challenge and prove to himself and all of Salem that he’s become the man he wants to be… or will he surrender to his darker impulses?

“I don’t know where this story’s going,” said portrayer Robert Scott Wilson during a recent Dishing With Digest podcast. “I truly don’t. But… he’s only been able to better himself when he’s had Ciara. So if there’s ever a time for personal growth for him, to see where he truly stands in his healing process, it’s to see how he’ll stand on one leg without his… partner.”

Soon enough, Wilson will discover how he, too, fares without his on-screen partner, leading lady Konefal. He knew that she was thinking of leaving the show. “I was like, ‘Well, you know, I support you either way,’” he recalled. “‘I get it. You want to do other things,’ but you know, hopefully she’ll come back” at some point down the road. (For the record, Konefal has said that she’d love to return to play some more with her castmates, just not as a series regular.)

What do you see in Ben’s future? Will he fall apart with Ciara? While you contemplate (and hit the comments with your hopes and fears), check out the below photo gallery, a collection of five Salem women with whom he could potentially move on.