Sonny and Will talk over their problems at Kiriakis mansion Days of our Lives
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

What is in store for Sonny and Will?

Days of our Lives’ Sonny Kiriakis and Will Horton have had a rollercoaster of a marriage over the past few years. After returning from the dead, Will had no memory of his previous life and believed he was Susan Bank’s son. He didn’t even recall being gay! After an injection of Dr. Rolf’s mysterious and miraculous serum, Will regained his memory but suffered from a brain tumor as a result. Then when Will believed he had caused the death of Sonny’s mother Adrienne Kiriakis due to an automobile accident which he thought he cause by texting-and-driving, Will was sent to prison. There he insisted on divorcing Sonny so he could move on with his life. However, Will was exonerated when it was believed a drunk Maggie Horton caused the accident, though she too was innocent and the real culprit was Orpheus.

In the Days of our Lives’ spoilers for Wednesday Sonny is offered an opportunity he can’t refuse. We know that Sonny and Will have been trying to have another child. They were all set to adopt Will’s sister Allie’s baby boy until Allie learned their mother Sami convinced her first choice, Rafe Hernandez, not to adopt the baby, and that Will knew. Allie decided to leave her boy to Nicole Walker and her uncle Eric Brady before fleeing town. It’s possible that Sonny is contacted by an adoption agency with news of a child for him and Will. It would be great news after Will’s lie cost them adopting Allie’s child. However on Thursday August 20, Will and Sonny share news of their big decision with Gabi, and it doesn’t sit well with her. Viewers already know that Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith were fired and should be exiting the show soon. How the exit remains to be seen. The offer Sonny receives may very well play into their exit. Perhaps he is offered the job of a lifetime, but it’s far from Salem, maybe even in another country. Will and Sonny leaving town would definitely upset Gabi. We also know from Massey and Smith’s podcast that Smith departs the show first, and Massey had a few episodes to film. Sadly fans won’t even see them ride off into the sunset together. Smith couldn’t even reveal if they’d both leave alive. Hopefully, that is not the case because Sonny and Will deserve their happily ever after. 

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