Sami guilty behavior on Days of Our Lives
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

You’ve been served.

In the Days of our Lives extended spoiler video for August 17 – 21, Philip returns to Salem, and not everyone is happy to see him, especially Shawn given the history between his wife Belle and Philip, her ex-husband. Sami serves Nicole and Eric with a restraining order, through Belle, preventing them from taking custody of Allie’s son. Nicole warns Sami that she started this fight and they won’t back down. John lashes out at Sami for hurting everyone in his family. She retaliates that he’s not her father and to mind his own damn business. During the fight, John grabs his head and collapses.

A recap of what happened last week. Eve returned to Salem and didn’t understand why Ben hadn’t killed Ciara. When she learned he had an appointment with Marlena about troubling dreams, Eve had Vincent intercept him for another round of conditioning. After giving birth to her baby boy and briefly holding him, Allie fled Salem but left behind a note instructing she wanted Nicole and Eric to raise her baby boy. Sonny and Will were able to work through their problems and Sonny forgave Will for his protecting Sami. And Gwen and Chad both became increasingly concerned about Gabi’s determination to take over DiMera and the fact that Jake seemed drawn to helping her.

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Video: Days of our Lives/YouTube