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Marlena gets dire news over John’s health crisis.

Days of our Lives’ John and Marlena have been a solid source of support for their family and friends over the past few months. Next week, they will be forced to lean on others for a change when, per the spoilers, John has a medical crisis. What will this mean for Jarlena? Let’s dive in…

John and Marlena have been dealing with a lot lately. Their granddaughter Claire got out of Bayview and has been staying with them, while their other granddaughter Allie came home pregnant and hiding from her mother Sami. The latter led to Allie deciding to give her baby to Sami’s nemesis Nicole who happens to be married to Sami’s brother. Despite Eric’s involvement, Sami is none too pleased with the development and, on Monday, issues a restraining order on the newlyweds. Later that same day, Marlena gets into an argument with Allie’s baby’s other great-grandmother Kate over what’s best for him.

That’s a lot of family drama, but it doesn’t end there. In the middle of everything, John collapses on Tuesday during a heated argument with Sami. Things don’t look too good for him the rest of the week as Marlena receives grave news about the love of her life and Steve’s sitting vigil for his good buddy by Friday.

In addition to Steve rushing to John’s side, Ben is there for Marlena. Considering she was the only person aside from Ciara who championed his rehabilitation, it warms our hearts to see Ben support Dr. Evans in her time of need. Let’s just hope Vincent doesn’t trigger him to attack.

What do you think causes John’s crisis? Can the family stop bickering long enough to see him through it? Will Marlena’s love keep him going? Sound off on the upcoming storyline below and then look through the photo gallery to find out which characters are still on their way back to Days of our Lives. To stay up to date on all things soap opera, sign up for’s newsletter