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Credit: Image: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

“Some days you have it, some days you don’t!” laughed Kayla’s portrayer.

No one will ever say that Mary Beth Evans is anything but the consummate professional; she has a whopping half-dozen Daytime Emmys, for crying out loud! But, as she’d be the first to admit, [bleep] happens. And in a video that she posted to Instagram on August 13, a whole lot of [bleep] happens!

It seems that the actress, who’s played Days of our Lives‘ Kayla off and on since 1986, has been working on a skincare line with her husband, cosmetic surgeon Michael Schwartz. Naturally, they needed to make a promotional video. It did not go smoothly.

“Some days you have it, some days you don’t!” admitted Evans before throwing to the blooper reel, in which she flubs line after line yet never loses her sunny disposition. “I promise I eventually got it right!”

Actually, lately, it would probably be darned near impossible to wipe the smile off of Evans’ face. She does, after all, get to spend time with her grandbabies, including little Alice, who just turned five months old. Well, five months and a day. Two now.

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