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Will Chad succumb to seduction?

Gwen and Chad bonded over their hatred of Gabi when they first met at Julie’s Place. That led to a few too many drinks, a little flirting and Chad bringing her back to the DiMera mansion – just to sleep it off though, nothing happened. But could it? Per the Days of our Lives spoilers, Gwen kisses Chad on Friday, leading us to consider a few possible outcomes.

To recap, all Gwen wants is Jake, but since he looks just like the love of Gabi’s life, Stefan, she keeps pulling him into her life. This does not sit well with Gwen who has begun spying on her for Chad. Chad meanwhile, has been dealing with his wife Abigail’s mental health issues which often takes him to Florida where she’s receiving treatment. He knows Gabi is trying to sabotage him with the DiMera board, so he needs eyes and ears on her when he’s not around. Enter Gwen.

This week, however, their dynamic could change when after yet another fight with Jake over Gabi, Gwen kisses her partner in crime. Kissing is actually a mild way of putting it, as Gwen wants Chad in her bed and starts to undress in front of him. Whether or not he responds remains to be seen but it could open the door for a couple of storyline possibilities.

Gwen kisses Chad DiMera on Days of our Lives

Since he’s married, it’s likely Chad will put a stop to her seduction attempts. However, since he and Abigail aren’t in the best place right now he could succumb to the moment. Should he stray from his wife, it could lead to more tension between Chad and his newfound brother over Gwen. Or a Jake/Gwen/Chad triangle could turn into a quadrangle until Camila Banus exits the role of Gabi. Or, it could remain a quadrangle when Marci Miller returns as Abigail. Of course, it could just be a one off and remain a secret between Chad and Gwen until it blows up in their faces at an opportune moment. There’s also the possibility that Gabi catches them and blackmails Chad over it. So many possibilities!

But what do you think? Would you like to see more develop between Chad and Gwen or keep them far away from each other? Tell us below and then look through our photo gallery of the best and worst recasts in soap operas. For more Days of our Lives news, spoilers, and stories like this sign up for’s newsletter.