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Plus, should Theresa Donovan return to Salem?

Quarantine might be lingering in California, but Jen Lilley hasn’t wasted a single moment of her time over the last few months. The former Days of our Lives star (Theresa Donovan) shared with that she’s been busy raising her young family, prepping for her next Hallmark movie and trying to inspire change in the foster care system.

Lilley was in Washington, D.C. in late July with international foster care expert Dr. John DeGarmo. The dynamic duo worked with Congress to work on a safer reunification process with kids and their birth families. Only California currently has these thorough safety measures in place.

In addition to her child advocacy work, Lilley is open to a Salem return. She thinks there is more to Theresa’s story. “I was just thinking of it the other day,” she teased. “Man, I heard folks were going back to filming and I wonder if I could do another quick stint? I would love it. That cast and crew I love Days of our Lives.”

The one place she won’t be returning? General Hospital. Lilley made it clear that while the cast was wonderful when she filled in for Kirsten Storms as Maxie Jones from 2011 – 2012, the on-set atmosphere was challenging. “It was a night and day different experience for me between General Hospital and Days of our Lives,” she revealed. “General Hospital — loved the cast, love the crew, but I don’t know if I could go back there. Ugh. Days of our Lives? I loved it.”

Watch the interview to learn the reasons why Jen Lilley wouldn’t return to General Hospital, what unfinished business Theresa has in Salem and why she will be spending time in North Carolina this fall.

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